HUNTER: Fighting Over Money, Biden Threatens Chinese Partner… And What’s This About Judges?

Written by Wes Walker on October 29, 2020

More email from that trove has been surfacing and if anything, it’s making those Chinese connections to Biden Inc look even sketchier.

Credit to The National Pulse for bringing out this story.

They had a great angle on the main content of a dispute in the email between Hunter Biden and his Chinese counterparts over which of Hunter’s expenses the Chinese were going to cover.

Hunter wanted them to pay the cost of a house in DC, and his Chinese partners wanted to review the expense claims. That accountability pissed Hunter off, and he said so in an email.

There were tense words exchanged, the threat of a lawsuit and so forth. The part of the exchange this writer finds most intriguing is not the same part the Post took a run at.

To our way of thinking, Hunter seems to have said a few things in here that might incriminate him even further.

He seems to be invoking US law and the threat of suit as a way to leverage control in a situation where he doesn’t have any genuine authority in the relationship.  That MIGHT understood as simply a play being made by a weak man to a stronger man, but other clues suggest otherwise.

His references to an ‘illegal scheme’ are … interesting.

Citations from the email are shown in italics.

“I am amazed that my fellow board members do not see the inherent conflict such an arrangement if true would create for the chairman and Mervyn and Kevin and Jaqi personally.

Under US law if the Chairman and equity holder of a corporation partnered with a US LLC (Owasco) through ownership of his wholly owned US lic (Hudson West) was in reality and practice using CEFC employees and money to operate a privately held company  there would be an enormous conflict of interest.

The notion that you and Kevin and Jackie are insisting that such an illegal scheme is in fact your understanding of how this company is organized — well then I would say in light of the ongoing investigations you should not be surprised by warrant being issued related to this.

Hunter declares his independence and demands remuneration. This reads like a very clear threat to his Chinese counterparts. Do it my way, or you’ll have to deal with US investigators.

In light of what Tony Bobulinski has said of their business arrangements, together with certain photos in the trove, it is unlikely that this company is truly the independent entity Hunter is telling them that a lawful company needs to be. Simply put, this looks like a shakedown.

But we haven’t gotten to the most intriguing part yet, after making his threats, he doubles down.

“If you refuse to sign the wire Kevin, I will seek to have you removed from the board for unjust obstruction of equity holder rights. I am the only equity holder on the board. I will bring suit in the Chancery Court in Delaware — which as you know is my home state and I am privileged to have worked with and know every judge on the chancery court.

Because the chairman is unavailable and his equity according to you has been transferred to the president (in direct violation of the LLC agreement) I am certain the court will issue subpoenas for both the president and the chairman and if they refuse to comply the court will seek to ‘pierce the corporate veil’ of CEFC through any of its remaining holdings in the US.

I could go on but I don’t think it necessary.

Did Hunter just claim to have the judges in Delaware in his pocket? And if so, was it merely bluster, or is this something we need to look into?

Considering how this laptop sat on a shelf for almost a year, it would be interesting to know who made that call… and why.