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Van Loaded With Explosives And ‘Suspicious Equipment’ Found Near ‘Mostly Peaceful Protest’ In Philly

This wouldn’t be the first time we heard of a cargo van being used as a staging area and weapon/supply cache for more of those ‘mostly peaceful’ protests… but dynamite seems like an escalation.

In case anyone wondered whether these groups were organized, planned, financed or properly deserving the title of ‘domestic terrorists’, let’s have a look at what police found, shall we?

An investigation is underway in Philadelphia after police found explosives and other suspicious cargo inside a van in Logan Circle on Wednesday night.

Action News has learned that police recovered propane tanks, torches and possible dynamite sticks from the van.

The bomb squad is investigating. There is no word on who owns the van or if anyone has been arrested.

The discovery comes as the city remains on heightened alert following nights of unrest stemming from the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr. –ABC

Another radical anti-cop protest.

Another vanload of sketchy material.

Where have we seen this game played before?

Oh, that’s right…

Totally Staged: As Soon As The Breonna Charges Came Down, Rioters Started Unloading Their UHaul

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