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LAPTOP FROM HELL: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Linked To FBI Money Laundering Probe

President Trump is right — this laptop just keeps getting worse for the Bidens.

New documents obtained by Fox News reveal that the FBI subpoena of a laptop believed to have belonged to Hunter Biden was issued in connection with a money laundering investigation that was taking place in late 2019.

The FBI is refusing to confirm or deny that the investigation is ongoing. It’s also unclear if the investigation is (or was) directly related to Hunter Biden.

Multiple federal law enforcement officials, as well as two separate government officials, confirmed the authenticity of these documents, which were signed by FBI Special Agent Joshua Wilson. Wilson did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Fox News obtained several documents one was an FBI “Receipt for Property” form which includes details about the interaction between the FBI and the Delaware Mac repair shop where the laptop was left. On the document is a “Case ID” section with the hand-written number “272D-BA-3065729.”

Fox News explained that the “BA” in the code means that the case was opened at the FBI’s Field Office in Baltimore. The subpoena was carried out in Wilmington, Delaware, which falls under the Baltimore Field Office’s jurisdiction.

The Fox News article further explains the handwritten coding used in the Case ID section citing the FBI website and “multiple officials.”

Fox News states that the “272” is the FBI classification for money laundering and “272D” refers to “money laundering, unknown SUA [Specified Unlawful Activity] — White Collar Crime Program” and one government official described it as “transnational or blanket.”

The article goes on to say that Jean Paul Mac Isaac, owner of “The Mac Shop” in Wilmington, was issued a subpoena and was to testify before a U.S. district court in December 2019.

The FBI cannot open a case without predication, so they believed there was predication for criminal activity,” a government official told Fox News. “This means there was sufficient evidence to believe that there was criminal conduct.”

Another document, obtained by Fox News, was a subpoena sent to Isaac to testify before U.S. District Court in Delaware on Dec. 9, 2019. One page of the subpoena shows what appears to be serial numbers for a laptop and hard drive taken into possession.

Based on the date of the subpoena, an official told Fox News that the case would have been opened prior to Isaac’s subpoena.

“If a criminal case was opened and subpoenas were issued, that means there is a high likelihood that both the laptop and hard drive contain fruits of criminal activity,” the official said.

Source: Fox News (Emphasis Added)

Looking through our articles from December 2019, this one really stood out in light of this new revelation:

Hunter Paternity Case Alleges Criminal Investigations For Fraud, Money Laundering, & Counterfeiting

Well, this should make the final Presidential Debate interesting, don’t you think?

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