LAWSUIT: Biden, CNN Getting Slapped With Lawsuit Over Calling Proud Boys Racists & Nazis

Written by Wes Walker on October 2, 2020

Did CNN learn NOTHING from their experience with Nick Sandmann? How many lawsuits will they have to lose before they decide viciously slandering people is bad for the bottom line?

First, we’ll cover what was said about the Proud Boys by both Biden and CNN. Then we’ll get into the consequences.


In Trump’s debate against Biden (and Wallace) Trump agreed he would denounce racists of any sort. Having every previous denunciation waved away as somehow insufficient, he threw the ball back at Wallace, ‘Give me a name’.

During the cross-talk, Biden shouted out ‘Proud Boys’ while Wallace was telling him to denounce ‘militias’. So Trump admitted he was not all that familiar with them as he told them to stand back and stand by, seeming, on its face to be calling for them to let law enforcement deal with some of these out-of-control situations.

Biden, not surprisingly, mischaracterized that exchange, and the group itself.

CLAIM: Joe Biden said President Donald Trump told the “Proud Boys” to “stand ready based on the outcome of the election.”

VERDICT: FALSE. Biden brought up the “Proud Boys,” whom Trump told to “stand down and stand by.”

Biden delivered a speech in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, the day after the first presidential debate, in which he grossly distorted what Trump said the night before. He also delivered a similar speech in Ohio.

Moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump to tell “white supremacists and militia” to “stand down.” When Trump asked him to name a group, Biden interjected and named the “Proud Boys,” a right-wing group. —Breitbart

(That link takes you to a transcript if you want to see for yourself what was really said.)

Here is how Biden described that exchange in his Pennsylvania speech:

And you heard what he said last night, when he was asked by the moderator, “Will you condemn white supremacy?” And he fuddled around didn’t say anything. I said, “How about the Proud Boys?” And he said, “Well,” the context he likes he said, “just tell them to stand down and stand by.” Go online. Look up Proud Boys they’ve got a new emblem now, literally. It says, “Stand down and stand by.” Implying that if he loses the election, something may have to be done.

And here is how Biden summarized that exchange in his Ohio speech:

When asked, “Would he condemn white supremacy?” He didn’t say a word. Then when I said, “Well, how about the Proud Boys?” Which is a white supremacist group. He said, “Well, I just told them to stand down and stand ready,” stand down and stand ready based on the outcome of the election?

Not only did Biden lie about Trump’s response on the question of white supremacy in general, he lied about what Trump said about the Proud Boys in particular. — Breitbart


CNN was no better at telling the truth than Biden.

Here’s a short version showing the Chairman of the Proud Boys organization (who, you may notice, is decidedly NOT white) crossing swords with a CNN ‘journalist’.

If you want the full context of their 10-minute exchange, you can find it here. What does it really say about the effective messaging of a ‘white supremacist’ group if they can’t even manage to be run by a white guy?

Yes, for any CNN watchers out there, this is a thing called ‘sarcasm’.


If you think they’re just blowing smoke, just ask the SPLC, who they slapped with a lawsuit for the same issue.