LMAO: Fredo Cuomo’s Face Goes BEET Red When Cruz Slaps Him With Facts

Written by Wes Walker on October 1, 2020

In case there was any confusion as to why it’s a bad idea to have relatives of public figures as the public face of a news network, Flustered Fredo offers a case study.

The fawning praise Chris gave to Andrew during the COVID crisis was bad enough. The on-air conversations about their familial relations had no place in a ‘news’ program — much less the bizarre interest in the ‘Luv Gov’s’ relationship status.

But the sharp contrast between the seething hatred Chris has for the President, and laying responsibility for COVID at Trump’s feet while attempting to intercept any attempt at holding Andrew accountable for the human cost of his own decisions.

While Fredo says that Trump’s ‘it is what it is’ comment is unacceptable, here’s his brother in a CYA move back in May saying that no one should be prosecuted for ‘mistakes’ that were made’ during the pandemic. He basically dismissed the death of the elderly in nursing homes and said that you can’t prosecute ‘Mother Nature’ or ‘God.’

Watch how red in the face Fredo gets in these two clips when his attempts to deliver a smackdown on Trump lead to uncomfortable questions about the Governor of New York State.

Worse still, this ‘news professional’ can’t help but make the attacks personal against Ted Cruz and Texas. There is NOTHING about this conversation that is either measured or impartial.

What’s the matter, Fredo?

Are you mad?

You poor dear.

You’re not going to cry, now, are you Mr. Tough Guy?

That would be simply tragic.

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