Christian Minister Says God’s Judgment Is Coming To Anti-Trumpers This November

Written by Doug Giles on October 1, 2020

You’ve heard a lot of wild predictions for what happens come November. But probably nothing like this.

One pastor has a prophetic word for those who like blowing off God and are hellbent on cutting this nation off from its Judeo-Christian foundations.

If that’s you, buy a hardhat and a cup because life’s about to get rough.

Whether that prediction comes true or not, God has a few things to say about slapping His wayward sheep — and the wolves among them — out of their slumber so that they can look reality right in the face.

And with things coming to a boil here in America, we just might be headed for such a wake-up call on a national level.

What should the believer do to avoid getting caught with his pants around his ankles?

We get into that in this week’s show.

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