Dictionary Stealth-Edits The Word ‘Preference’ After Sen. Hirono’s Weird Claim At ACB Hearing

Written by K. Walker on October 15, 2020

Just wait until you see the “reason” that they’re giving. Whoa, Nelly, that’s a stretch!

On Tuesday, Senator, Mazie Hirono (D-HI) who appears to be suffering from late-stage Trump Derangement Syndrome™ and crippling stupidity, made an absolute clown of herself trying to get a “gotcha” moment with Supreme Court Nominee Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Democrats are desperate to smear Judge Barrett as a bigot but they know that attacking her faith directly won’t sit well with many voters — and even fellow Democrats considering that their Presidential candidate identifies as Catholic.

In her lunkheaded way, Senator Hirono thought she had an ace in the hole and tried to paint Judge Barrett as a bigot for using the phrase “sexual preference” when referring to same-sex marriage.

Here is Senator Hirono attempting to smear Judge Barrett:

What’s astounding is that what followed was an act that can only be described as “Dictionary Revisionism.”

Normally, when I say something like, “Nobody was offended by this 5 minutes ago” that’s an exaggeration. Not in this case.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary quietly — and in a rather Orwellian manner — updated its definition of the word “preference” to state that when used in relation to “sexual preference” that it is an “offensive” term.

Merriam-Webster dictionary has updated its definition of ‘sexual preference’ to an ‘offensive’ term one day after Amy Coney Barrett‘s use of the phrase was slammed during her SCOTUS hearing.

The reputable dictionary’s fifth definition of the word ‘preference’ cites ‘orientation’ and uses the example of ‘sexual preference’.

On Wednesday, this definition was updated to explain that the use of preference in relation to sexuality is ‘offensive’.

The change came hours after Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono said Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court would pose a threat to LGBTQ rights and used the judge’s use of the term ‘sexual preference’ as evidence of this concern.

Hirono said the phrase is highly offensive to the LGBTQ community and is used by ‘anti-LGBTQ activists’ to suggest sexuality is a choice rather than an unchangeable part of an individual’s identity.

Source: Daily Mail

Steve Krakauer, the Executive Producer of the Megyn Kelly Podcast noted the change and drew attention to it.

Krakauer then pointed out that this is all nonsense because Democrats have used the phrase “sexual preference” frequently, as have their friendlies in the media.

He’s not wrong. The Washington Free Beacon put together a supercut of Democrats and their favorite SCOTUS Justice — the Notorious RBG herself — using the same “offensive” phrase.

Here are the images from Krakauer’s tweet with the change made to the fifth definition.


Merriam-Webster’s editor-at-large issued a statement to Fox News and it was just unreal. He said that the stealth-edit was done because it was already scheduled for an update and they rushed it because it was getting attention because of the SCOTUS hearing.

“Our scheduled updates, which add new words and also add new definitions, usage guidance, and example sentences to existing dictionary entries, take place several times per year. From time to time, we release one or some of these scheduled changes early when a word or set of words is getting extra attention, and it would seem timely to share that update,” Peter Sokolowski, Merriam-Webster’s editor-at-large, explained in a statement to Fox News.

“In this case, we released the update for sexual preference when we noticed that the entries for preference and sexual preference were being consulted in connection with the SCOTUS hearings,” Sokolowski continued. “A revision made in response to an entry’s increased attention differs only in celerity—as always, all revisions reflect evidence of use.”

Source: Fox News

So, what we have here is the U.S. Senator who clearly has the lowest I.Q. literally leading the charge in changing the language for political purposes.

The Democrats and their comrades on the left are just triggered that Amy Coney Barrett is a qualified judge that deserves to sit on that high bench. They just don’t like that they might not consistently get the outcomes that they want with her on the bench.

Too bad, Libs. You don’t own the Supreme Court. It doesn’t have to tilt left all of the time.

It is allowed to tilt to the right.

The left is just bitter that they made Ruth Bader Ginsburg — an activist Justice — into such an icon for the left and all the things that they hold dear, not allowing her to retire during Obama’s second term despite her repeated health problems, and now they’re bitter because she wasn’t immortal.

Well, that sucks. You gambled and lost.

Republicans get to pick this Justice and she’s clearly one helluva pick.

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