WATCH: Cute Chick Has Epic Rant About Mask Use And COVID

Written by K. Walker on October 15, 2020

She asks a simple question that stumps the Mask Nazis.

This woman got a call from her sister and her mom who were taken to security at Neiman-Marcus for not wearing a mask.

She explains the concept of a medical exemption to the dull Neiman Marcus employees that are freaking out over the maskless individuals before them.

They don’t seem to get it.

She then relates a long convo that she has with a cashier who describes herself as a vegan health-nut scared for her life by people breathing freely without a piece of cotton in front of your face.

This lady then drops some truthbombs that the unthinking, compliant sheeple who blindly follow conflicting medical advice won’t be too keen on hearing. She includes some screenshots of the data that she cites.

I’m not gonna steal her thunder.

Check it out:


That was pretty amazing!

Isn’t it funny that the left who for decades said, “question authority” is now trusting “medical experts” without question?

They don’t even question how effective masks are, if lockdowns have unintended consequences, or even if this is the kind of life that we want — where those of us who aren’t famous all shelter in place forever in the hope that the virus goes away somehow.

And for what?

A virus that greater than 99% of people recover from.

We cannot continue to allow the most fearful among us set the pandemic agenda without question. We need to have some conversations about the isolation that is being felt by our seniors, the damage to the education and socialization of our children, and the job losses that are continuing to affect so many of us months into this pandemic.

The threat of continuing with this pandemic response to our physical and mental health is real. It needs to end.



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