Michael Moore In Full Panic Mode, Calls BS on Biden’s ‘Lead’ In The Polls

Written by Wes Walker on October 30, 2020

He might be a Crisco-sweating liberal hack, but he was one of the few leftists who realized that Hillary was in trouble in 2016.

Now, on a Hill TV interview, Moore is sounding the alarm on anyone gloating about polls that give Joe Biden a commanding lead over Donald Trump.

Moore wasn’t buying it in 2016, and he isn’t buying it now.

The seven-point lead Trump is said to have in Moore’s home state of Michigan, and similar reported leads in other key states, have been hailed as good news by partisan Democrats… but he’s not so optimistic.

Part of his explanation is that Trump’s on-paper lead now is only half of what it was only recently. But he would add that even that lower number is built on an uncertain foundation.

“Trump has tightened virtually every one of these swing states to the point where- what are they saying this morning?… ‘Biden’s five points ahead in Wisconsin… maybe three points ahead in Florida, two points ahead in Arizona’… Listen, don’t believe these polls,'” Moore said. “The Trump vote is always being undercounted. Pollsters- when they actually call the Trump voter, the Trump voter is very suspicious of the ‘Deep State’ calling them and asking them who they’re voting for.”

Polls are “fake news” to Trump supporter, he said.

“So it is not an accurate count. I think the safe thing to do, this is not scientific… whatever they’re saying the Biden lead is, cut it in half, right now, in your head. Cut it in half, and now you’re within the four-point margin of error. That’s how close this is! That’s how desperately close this is!” –FoxNews

Unlike so many on the left, at least he recognizes that there is a fatal flaw in the poll methodology.

There’s another wildcard he’s worried about.

It has to do with what people are calling the ‘enthusiasm gap’.

And then there are details like this.

Poor Michael should start thinking about picking up some coloring books and a support animal because there’s a better-than-average chance that he might go 2-for-2 on his predictions.


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