NEPOTISM ALERT: Leveraging COVID, Another Biden Relative Rides The Democrat Gravy Train

Written by Wes Walker on October 14, 2020

But we’re all supposed to believe that Joe’s Ultimatum to Ukraine had nothing to do with Hunter working with Burisma, right?

Democrats have worked for years in an attempt to tie Trump to some kind of a foreign influence scandal to discredit him. Russian Collusion, that phone call to Ukraine’s President, international debt… the list goes on and on.

Despite having the full weight and power of government agencies looking into his actions, they keep coming up empty.

So why aren’t they as interested when there is clear evidence that shows Joe’s family members profiting off of Joe’s political connections? Either they care VERY deeply about such issues, or they are partisan hacks who will fabricate (or conceal) anything to help one party gain advantage over the other.

John Solomon raises an interesting potential conflict of interest happening right now…

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son-in-law is advising the Biden campaign on its coronavirus response while his venture capital firm is looking to invest in health-care startups working on the pandemic.

The Biden relative, Dr. Howard Krein, is part of the investment firm StartUp Health, which in March, when the virus began its rapid spread in the U.S., began an initiative soliciting pitches from entrepreneurs with products that address the outbreak, according to Politico.

The next month, Krein reportedly participated in daily calls to brief Biden on health policy during the pandemic, while StartUp Health announced its intention to invest $1 million across 10 startups with coronavirus applications within 30 days.

…Krein advising the campaign and trying to invest in a coronavirus response could pose conflict-of-interest concerns if Biden is elected. —JustTheNews

Let’s recall that Burisma wasn’t the only smoking gun making the foreign connections of Biden’s friends and relations look suspect:

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