PROJECT VERITAS: Latest Hidden Videos Exposed Voter Fraud In Corrupt Politicians Of Both Parties!

Written by Wes Walker on October 29, 2020

Dems squawking when conservatives talk about voter fraud think we’re singling them out. Here’s why they’re wrong.

Democrats care very much about scoring political wins. Anyone who has watched Pelosi and Schumer over the last 4 years has seen that they put that ‘principle’ above all others. By any means necessary.

We have seen (and reported on) people caught on video saying that the ends justify the means. That all manner of political lying and cheating and malfeasance is justifiable if the end result is getting Trump out of office.

This story will expose more of the same.

Most Conservatives recoil at the idea of political ‘by any means necessary’ by any means necessary approaches. We would rather lose than cheat because the cheating itself corrupts and destroys the system we are trying to preserve.

MOST, unfortunately, does not mean ALL.

When someone gets busted for gaming the system, most of us want that offender run out of town on a rail, no matter which party he belongs to.

The Left, meanwhile, tells us to our face that voter fraud isn’t happening… despite a crapton of stories to the contrary, many of which have been covered here on ClashDaily. (Drop ‘voter fraud’ in our search bar for a sampling.)

We’ve seen shady stuff and even simple human error(?), all over the country.

Ballots turn up months after the fact. Printer’s error leaving out a candidate. Wrong addresses on ballots. Someone firebombed a ballot return box. Ballots showing up in garbages and creeks. Example after example of social media user showing photos of live ballots showing up in places where the addressee does not live.

Someone’s dead mother even voted twice.

All of that is bad news, calling the integrity of the vote into question. But when the politicians themselves are in on it? (And even some Judges mentioned by name, judges who owe these election-fixers favors?) That’s a whole other kind of corruption.

And thanks to Project Veritas, we have video evidence to back it up.

Funny how the one thing that both the Democrats and Republicans she has in her pocket have in common is their support of Joe Biden.

Could it have anything to do with the fact that Trump wants to drain the swamp, and Joe likes to swim in it?

When Breitbart used to say ‘first the Dems, then the RINOs’, this is exactly what he meant.

The Project Veritas slogan is ‘Be Brave’.

It’s the kind of character and integrity America so desperately needs right now.

That’s a great example to follow.

Here’s an even better one.

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