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2 People Beheaded, At Least One Other Dead, Several More Stabbed In Terror Attack In Cathedral In Nice

Just weeks after a teacher was beheaded in a terror attack in the suburbs of Paris, another terror attack with more beheadings occurs in Nice, France.

A man with a knife shouting “Allahu Akbar” attacked worshippers at the Notre Dame Basilica around 9 am just as Mass was beginning. Two people were beheaded, a woman who was stabbed in the neck later died, and several others were also stabbed.

Notre Dame Basilica is the largest Roman Catholic church in Nice.

Police quickly swarmed the area, where they shot and arrested the attacker, who has been taken to hospital. A police source said it appears he was acting alone.

Mayor Christian Estrosi revealed that two of the victims died inside the church – a woman and a male church warden, both of whom were beheaded.

A second woman who had been stabbed in the neck managed to flee the cathedral and into a bar across the street where she died of her wounds, according to local reports.

Estrosi added that the attacker ‘kept shouting Allahu Akbar even after being medicated’, and that ‘the meaning of his gesture is not in doubt’.

‘Enough is enough,’ he said. ‘It’s time now for France to exonerate itself from the laws of peace in order to definitively wipe out Islamo-fascism from our territory.’

Estrosi said the victims had been killed in a ‘horrible way’. ‘The methods match, without doubt, those used against the brave teacher in Conflans Sainte Honorine, Samuel Paty,’ he said.

He also called for churches around France to be given extra protection or closed as a precaution.

The attack happened less than half a mile from where another attacker plowed a truck into a Bastille Day crowd in 2016, killing dozens.
Source: Daily Mail

The Catholic Church condemned the “unspeakable act” in a statement and said, “Christians must not become a symbol to be cut down.”

The French Council of Muslim Worship also issued a statement condemning the attack and called for a cancelation of festivities for the festival celebrating Mohammed’s birthday that is currently underway. “As a sign of mourning and solidarity with the victims and their relatives, I call on the Muslims of France to cancel all the festivities of the Mawlid feast.”

The anti-Christian attacks in France have been ramping up in recent years.

Since 2010, the Paris-based L’Observatoire de la Christianophobie (Observatory of Christianophobia) has chronicled anti-Christian incidents in France and around the world.

It has recorded these events month by month on interactive maps since 2017, placing them in six categories: arson, murder/assault, vandalism, theft, bombing, and abduction…

…Statistics suggest there are nearly three such attacks a day in France, which is sometimes described as the “eldest daughter of the Church” because the Frankish King Clovis I embraced Catholicism in 496.

The French Interior Ministry recorded 996 anti-Christian acts in 2019 — an average of 2.7 per day. The true figure may be higher, as it is thought that officials do not count fires of undetermined cause at churches across the country.
Source: Catholic News Agency

Back in May 2017, UAE Foreign Minister HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahya warned that Europe would face an increase in terror attacks due to political correctness and the rise of social media use by terrorists.

At the Tweeps Forum 2017, Minister Al-Nahya said, “From now on, we will name and shame these countries. We will classify them as incubators of terror if they don’t address this problem of terrorism in their lands.”

Here is a clip of him giving his warning:

Although Sheikh Abdullah was raising the alarm about threats in London, Germany, Spain and Italy, it looks like he was right.

Investigators say that there is a “direct causal link” between a social media campaign against French school teacher Samuel Paty and his beheading.

It’s time to seriously listen to those ally voices in the Muslim world that are warning about radicalization and terror.

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