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REPORT: Criminal Investigation Into Biden Family Active, Ongoing Since 2019

This report lines up neatly with some interesting notation spotted on the receipt the FBI left with the repairman who turned Hunter’s old laptop into FBI custody.

We’ve already seen Dan Bongino bring that point to light:

“He should bring the FBI receipt with him, of copy, that they gave to the computer store owner. And he should read out the case number, Sean,” Bongino said. “Because the case number is 272D. Two-seven-two is the FBI, three-letter designation for money laundering. D means trans-national. And then BA is short for the Baltimore field office. And he should ask him, you know, ‘Why would your son be involved in a money laundering investigation. Does that have anything to do with the ‘big guy?'” –Examiner

That ongoing investigation now includes the whistleblower Tony Bobulinski as a key witness. Tony was interviewed for hours by several FBI agents on this very topic.

Bobulinski, who according to emails was involved in a deal to set up business in China that included Hunter and Joe Biden’s brother James, claims he is a ‘material witness’ in an FBI investigation – although the bureau by practice does not confirm or deny the existence of investigations.

‘They do list me as a material witness within the entire FBI on their computer systems and it was a very cooperative deep dive into all the facts across that time period,’ he told Sinclair broadcasting correspondent James Rosen in an interview.

Asked what probe he might be a witness to, he responded: ‘In connection with the discussion of the Biden family, CEFC and other operations around the world involving other countries,’ he said, mentioning the Chinese energy company.

Rosen cited an unnamed Justice Department official saying the FBI in 2019 opened an investigation into ‘Hunter Biden and his associates’ and it remains active. –DailyMail


Wes Walker

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