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Secret Service Owes Senate Answers On What They REALLY Knew About Hunter

Government agencies are obligated to a level of transparency under Congress. Here is yet another instance of unaccountable action. (Why do these omissions always seem to favor Democrats?)

If we’re going to have answers about the pay-for-play allegations against the Biden family, one point that will help lead us to answers would be clues about whether or not any alleged meetings matched up to Hunter’s actual known whereabouts at the time.

That is information that the Secret Service has. But we now know about other information about Secret Service protection of Hunter that was withheld, and we would like answers for that, too.

First, the information we have.

Chuck Grassley has questions about Hunter Biden’s protective detail on certain dates which could potentially corroborate some of the allegations of meeting foreign persons mentioned in Hunter’s laptop.

In a new letter to Secret Service Director James Murray, Johnson and Grassley outline how records they previously obtained from the Secret Service line up with, and seem to provide verification of, newly-public emails about Hunter Biden’s controversial dealings with and payments from foreign businesspeople.

An April 13, 2014 email allegedly from Hunter Biden to his then-business associate Devon Archer refers to traveling to Houston “tmrw.”
Secret Service records show a travel record for Hunter Biden from April 13, 2014 – April 14, 2014, to Houston, TX.
An email from Ukrainian business official Vadim Pozharskyi of the energy firm Burisma to Hunter Biden and Archer on May 12, 2014 reads: “Following our talks during the visit to the Como Lake and our further discussions, I would like to bring the following situation to your attention.”
Secret Service records show a travel record for Hunter Biden to Lake Cuomo, Italy on April 3, 2014-April 6, 2014. —Sharyl Attkisson

That part is pretty routine.

But there was something else that came up. Something weird that needs an explanation.

The senators are also asking why it appears Hunter Biden had Secret Service protection a year after the time when the Secret Service told the senators such protection had ended.

…If Hunter Biden was receiving Secret Service protection after the date the Secret Service represented to the senators the detail had ended, it implies the Secret Service may have withheld relevant documents about its travels with Hunter Biden from the senators.

The senators have given the Secret Service a week to explain the apparent discrepancies.

They are also asking for the allegedly missing records. —Sharyl Attkisson

Why the secrecy about Hunter Biden’s protection?

Who ordered it? What is it protecting?

With damning new revelations coming out of that laptop almost every day, this seems like it might be useful information.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck