SMOKING GUN: Was Evidence That Dems KNEW About Hunter’s Sketchy Money Hiding In Plain Sight?

Written by Wes Walker on October 20, 2020

Dems want us to believe the latest scandal swirling about all the data on Hunter’s laptop is a Kremlin special. But the evidence of how complicit the Dems were in covering this up was staring us right in the face.

We didn’t have quite enough data points to connect all the dots, but there was enough to make our antenna go up.

Let’s quickly recap what they are trying to cover up before looking at the evidence that Democrat flunkies were working overtime to keep this scandal under wraps for a long time now.

Hunter Biden is accused of a Pay for Play racket in:

-Ukraine (peddling influence using White House favors to protect Burisma)
-China (On Air Force Two with dad and coming back with Billion dollar deals)
-Russia (Millions of dollars from Oligarch – and Putin – connected players in Moscow, claim of money laundering by his partner Devon Archer)
-Kazakhstan (buddy-buddy with a dictator’s sketchy son-in-law) You Can Add Kazakhstan To Hunter Biden’s List Of Sketchy Oligarch Buddies

Emails on the laptop indicate that Hunter has been giving half his income to his father (‘pop’), and suggest that he was a cutout holding a cut of the earnings on Joe Biden’s behalf.

Some of his business partners have been criminally charged, and others cut him loose indicating they want no part of what was going on here.

There is a lot of money sloshing around they might want to keep out of the watchful eye of any forensic auditors.

If the son of the connected Vice President was reportedly getting payoffs, it might be worth asking if the relatives of any other political players (like Kerry, or Pelosi) who had relatives working in Ukraine’s energy sector had any similar arrangements.

If the scandals lurking here are anything like what they appear to be on their face, there is a LOT of motivation to keep them from coming to the attention of the public. Especially if it turns out that any OTHER sketchy politicians are taking part in the payoffs.

I mean really, what are the odds of the Veep AND the House Chair having children employed in the Ukraine energy sector, what with Ukraine’s history of corruption?

How could we possibly have known any of this?

Because we reported on the cover-up and didn’t fully realize the implications.

Remember when Hunter knocked up a stripper and then tried to blow off responsibility for his kid? That led to a court case, but it wasn’t your ordinary child support battle.

This one was newsworthy not just because of the players involved, but how he fought like hell to NOT have his financials revealed.

Let’s look down memory lane to a story that reared its head during impeachment:

Hunter threw up every roadblock — he even played the COVID card — he could to try to escape submitting his tax documents while crying poor the whole time.

Either he had no money, or he claimed to have no money and fought like hell in every way to keep his tax documents hidden.

But somehow, once he had exhausted the judge’s patience and was compelled to settle or open his books to forensic examination.

So Hunter Biden was faced with a choice between showing up for court and having his own life and finances go under the microscope just in time for his father to take a lead in the Dem Primaries… OR… settling this case quietly. —ClashDaily

When the clock ran out, suddenly, almost like magic, Hunter was able to come up with enough money to make this case just ‘go away’.

We thought this was mostly about how public embarrassment might hurt his father’s presidential run, and that some bundler put up the money to make his baby momma go away quietly.

But what if it was much more than that?

What if this whole coverup had nothing to do with keeping the baby mama out of the public spotlight, and was REALLY about concealing evidence of the political pay-for-play that makes his dad look like an actual Manchurian candidate?

It sure would go a long way to explaining not just the unwillingness of Hunter to open up his books while he cried ‘poor’, but how he managed to suddenly come up with the money to make the problem go away so quickly.

Either he had the money all along and didn’t want to admit it (which might raise uncomfortable questions about where it came from)…


Someone who knew what Hunter’s documents were hiding stepped in and bailed him out by quietly making the problem go away.