Some Of The NBC ‘Undecided’ Voters At The Biden Town Hall Were Featured As Biden Voters On MSNBC (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on October 7, 2020

This is precisely why the trust in the Media (D) has eroded.

The Press is absolutely broken and they are in denial that they are in the tank for one party and absolutely despise the other party and the President who is the representative of that party.

We know this already. You can see this by turning on the news or reading a newspaper.

ClashDaily has frequently covered the ridiculous level of bias in coverage of President Trump.

The media seemed to be suffering from mass hysteria when President Trump was released from Walter Reed Medical Center after a weekend of observation. Howard Kurtz wrote about the “negative coverage on steroids” on President Trump’s return to the White House.

They will do anything to push their narrative.

We can see that in Joe Biden’s recent town hall event in Miami. NBC News featured several “undecided” voters to ask questions of the Democratic candidate. Here’s the thing, though–some of those same people were featured on MSNBC as Biden voters.

You’d think that they’d have enough people in their cast of characters to at least pick some people that they hadn’t featured before. It’s not like the population of the Greater Miami region is 6 million people or anything…

The media also behaves as though voters are stupid–especially the talking heads on left-leaning cable news networks and the high-profile national print media. That’s probably because they really believe that you are stupid. You’re not one of the elites living in NYC or Washington, D.C. in that “bubble” that went from leftwing household to leftwing journo school and hasn’t even met a Republican voter let alone understand how someone could conceivably hold conservative views.

The Media (D) “betters” do this kind of thing because they know can get away with it. Who is going to call them out on it? Sites like ClashDaily that they call “fake news” because it holds their feet to the fire and is unapologetic in its bias. Hey, at least we’re up-front about it, unlike NBC trying to pass off Biden voters as “undecideds.”

Who is really the “fake news” in this situation?

The Media is completely broken, and they don’t have a problem with it.

But we do.

Ain’t that the truth!

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