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‘Struggling’ Bar Owner Featured In Biden Ad Is Millionaire ‘Angel Investor’ Who Supported Lockdowns

The Biden campaign has been lying to Americans during this campaign. Here’s just one more example.

Joe Biden has refused to say anything about the now-confirmed Hunter Biden laptop and the foreign business dealings, discuss expanding the Supreme Court to include more Justices, and has outright lied about his and running-mate Senator Kamala Harris’s position on fracking. (They were both for banning it.)

It’s now been revealed that a Michigan bar owner featured in a Biden campaign ad lamenting the closure of his business calling it “the reality of Trump’s COVID response” is actually a millionaire tech investor who is a fan of Michigan Führer Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s lockdown measures.

Joe Malcoun is co-owner of the Blind Pig, a bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For 50 years, it was a popular hotspot and a live concert venue that can hold 400 and has hosted some big-name acts, including Otis Rush, Nirvana, and KRS-One.

Malcoun blames the president’s response for how his bar has suffered amid the virus, and his fears that the establishment may need to close.

But it has now been revealed that Malcoun is a wealthy investor who made his fortune thanks to an inheritance from his family.

And his social media shows his support for lockdown measures imposed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer – a Democrat – which actually prolonged bar closures…

…Malcoun’s concern about reopening plans seem to be at odds with a tweet he posted in April, where he praised Gov. Whitmer’s handling of the state lockdown, arguing ‘she’s doing it right’.

Whitmer’s strict stay-at-home orders sparked protests in the state and forced businesses like The Blind Pig to remain closed longer.

Here is the ad:

The ad which was released on October 15 was highlighted by journos like Ed Keefe of CBS News.

In less than a week, it has been removed from the Joe Biden YouTube channel.

All they had to do was be honest in an ad and they couldn’t even do that.

In a now-deleted tweet that was reported by The Daily Caller, Malcoun wrote, “If Trump had taken this virus seriously from the beginning and imposed a national strategy to address it venues like the Pig would be open by now and you would be enjoying live music again but instead he chose to weaponize COVID for his own political gain and has convinced his supporters that the medicine is the illness.”

“My only hope for my family and for this business and my community is that Joe Biden wins this election,” said Malcoun at the end of the ad.

While Malcoun laments the lockdown as the death knell for his bar, restrictions in Michigan have been somewhat lifted and he’s choosing to not reopen accordingly.

Here’s what he said to Michigan Live at the end of June:

“Now that we tried it and saw it’s really hard to communicate what it means to have a really socially distanced and live music show, we decided it’s not really worth trying. The very last thing we want is to be the epicenter of a new outbreak,” Malcoun said.

On Tuesday, Malcoun admitted on Twitter that the Blind Pig is “technically ALLOWED to be open at reduced capacity right now…we are closed because it’s UNSAFE and irresponsible to be open.”

The ad also doesn’t mention that Malcoun would be just fine financially if the Blind Pig does end up closing.

Joe Malcoun is listed as the CEO of Nutshell, an Ann Arbor-based software company, and he’s the co-founder of Cahoots, an office-sharing software company also based in Ann Arbor.

Malcoun told Click on Detroit in 2018 that his money was a large inheritance from his wife’s late grandfather 10 years ago and that has allowed him to become an “angel investor” in local tech startups.

‘Her grandfather was a very successful real estate investor as a hobby and he lived extremely modestly in Huntington Woods,’ Malcoun told Click On Detroit in 2018.

‘But he was a savant business investor. As a result, we realized we had responsibility over a significant estate.

‘We knew there was something but we never knew the extent of it and it was almost like winning the lottery and we were very young.’

He added: ‘Usually you become a CEO and you make money, and then the money allows you to become an angel investor.

‘I happened to have different circumstances where I had money (first).’
Source: Daily Mail

Well, that seems completely disingenuous, doesn’t it?

Right on track with what you’d expect from the Biden campaign which is actually the Harris campaign. It’s all a lie.

The problem is — if you believe the polls — the lie is working.

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