WATCH: Charlamagne Tha God Has Some BAD News For Don Lemon — ‘Trump Is Targeting Young, Black Males…And It Works!’

Written by K. Walker on October 21, 2020

Has Trump become the one to crack the code on wooing black Americans to support the GOP? Perhaps.

The way that black voters so overwhelmingly support Democrats is an outlier statistically. According to a 2018 Pew Research report, only 3% of Black voters identify as Republican.

Black support for Trump has gone up after the RNC convention.

Rapper 50 Cent has said publicly that he’s voting for Trump, and recently Ice Cube worked with the Trump administration on the “Platinum Plan” Contract with Black Americans.

Doug and Rich had discussed the bump in Trump support by young black voters on the Warriors & Wildmen podcast:

Liberal Website Says Blacks Are Abandoning Biden

Charlamagne tha God was the one who was interviewing Joe Biden when he made the infamous “you ain’t black” comment.

Don Lemon asked the influential Breakfast Club host about prominent black men being open about their support for or simply considering voting for Trump.

Charlamagne started out by attempting to contextualize his opinion, “I don’t like that narrative. If Trump wins they are about to turn this into a ‘black men are the reason Trump is in office’ thing. In 2016, black men voted against trump more than any other group of men. That’s a fact.” He then said that CNN should “do a show on white women and ask them why they voted for Trump in 2016 over one of their own and if they plan to make the same mistake this year.”

CNN did do a segment on white women who regretted voting for Trump but not an entire show.

Charlamagne then gave a thorough answer that made Don Lemon visibly uncomfortable.

CHARLAMAGNE: When it comes to those black people that you see who may be you know, showing support for Trump, I think it’s because Trump is actually talking to young, black male voters. He’s directing ads toward them. They are a group that never get courted. I mean, black people never get courted as a whole. But I mean, that old, Democratic regime, it speaks to old, black men, and they think everyone else in the black community, the black family are just supposed to fall in line. They know old, black women are gonna show up regardless. And, like I said, they speak to older black men and they think the rest of us all speak the same language. And Trump is targeting young, black males, and from marketing — it works!

Watch as Don Lemon squirms as Charlamagne praises Trump’s outreach to young, black men:

Charlamagne then goes on to say that he’s voting for “Senator Kamala Harris” but “not necessarily for Joe Biden” because she is a “political change agent” and “exactly the leader that America needs” but admits that he could be wrong.

He then said that he is tired of “old, white male leadership” in government, but adds that he’s only speaking for himself and that the black community is not monolithic in their political views.

Well, while I personally don’t share Charlamagne’s political views, nor his frustration with “old, white men” in politics, what he’s saying about black community is right. It’s the same thing that Kanye West, Candace Owens, C.J. Pearson, Herschel Walker, and so many other black voters are saying… the “black vote” doesn’t belong to one party. People are individuals and are free to have different political views — and that’s true no matter what race you happen to be.

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