Ted Cruz Runs Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Through The Wood Chipper At Senate Hearings

Written by Wes Walker on October 29, 2020

Like so many Silicon Valley fatcats who have been taught not to fear the government paper tiger, Jack sat with serene smugness. But Ted Cruz wasn’t backing down.

With the egregious political interference of Big Tech protecting Team Biden from the Hunter Biden laptop story (which was both confirmed to be authentic, AND was confirmed NOT to be the work of Russian disinformation campaigns) Big Tech had some questions to answer.

Ted Cruz turned his attention to Jack Dorsey during the allotted time in the scheduled Hearings.

Dorsey is the guy with the long beard looking a little like some long-lost member of the Manson family, which is weird for a billionaire, but I digress.

Here is the video of that interaction.

Ted Cruz wasn’t buying the pre-fab excuses.

He called Dorsey’s original answer ‘absurd on its face’.

Ted proved the rank hypocrisy of Twitter having different rules for the Biden laptop story than they did for the NYTimes publication of Trump’s taxes — which actually violated American law by publishing them.

He reminded those listening that the New York Post, which he had been censoring, was no fly-by-night outfit, but the 4th largest paper by distribution, and old enough that it was founded by none other than Alexander Hamilton.

And he shone a light on the stupid hoops that the New York Post would have to jump through to get reinstated. They have to delete and repost the content.


The error was on Twitter’s part, not the New York Post’s.

Therefore, the onus should be on Twitter to reverse the mistake and release the original tweet as written.

But that’s assuming these companies play by any sense of decency or logic. Which is a stretch.


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