Trove Of Declassified Documents Show That The FBI Used Media Reports To Corroborate Steele Dossier

Written by K. Walker on October 13, 2020

It’s taken years, but we’re finally getting to see how the Russian Collusion narrative was made and it’s damning for the FBI and the Media (D).

Catherine Herridge of CBS News tweeted out newly-declassified documents from the FBI that had been cited by IG Horowitz but was not made public until now. The documents detail how investigators into alleged Trump-Russia collusion were attempting to verify the collusion. It turns out that they were relying heavily on unverified media reports about Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and others implicated.

It was an incestuous circle where Steele spoke to the media, the report was published, then that report was included in the FBI document verifying the dossier.

The document, a 94-page spreadsheet, shows that investigators relied heavily on open source information, including from news articles, as evidence to support some of the allegations in the dossier, which former British spy Christopher Steele compiled on behalf of the DNC and Clinton campaign.

The spreadsheet, which was first published by CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge, also cites information from other government agencies regarding some of Steele’s claims.

Reports from the special counsel’s office and Justice Department inspector general ultimately debunked Steele’s most explosive allegation: that the Trump campaign was engaged in a “well-developed conspiracy of cooperation” with the Russian government…

…The FBI relied heavily on Steele’s information as part of its investigation of the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia, which was dubbed Crossfire Hurricane. The bureau cited information from Steele in applications to obtain Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against Carter Page.

The Justice Department’s inspector general excoriated the FBI for withholding information from the FISA court that undercut the dossier, including details from an interview that Steele’s primary source gave the FBI in January 2017.

Source: The Daily Caller

We already know why the IG was ticked at the FBI — they had withheld that the primary sub-source for the Steele Dossier was a Russian national that had been investigated for contact with Russian intelligence officers.

We also know that Russian intelligence was aware of a plan hatched by the Hillary campaign to plant a story of Trump-Russia collusion to distract from her email scandal.

BOMBSHELL REPORT: Trump-Russia Collusion Was A STRATEGY By Hillary To Distract From Email Scandal

Now we see that the FBI was using the Media (D) reports in order to verify the faulty dossier while also leaking sensitive intel to the Media. It was laid bare in the Strzok/Page text messages.

Dear CNN: More Strzok & Page Texts Reveal Collusion Between FBI-DOJ To Destroy Trump With Media Leaks – Is That ‘News?’

With each document released, it becomes more and more clear that this was all a big sham to throw a wrench in President Trump’s first term by keeping him distracted.

Perhaps that’s why James Brennan’s buddy is worried about the declassification of Russiagate documents.

Why Is Brennan-Connected CIA Director Blocking Declassification Of Russiagate Docs?

It was Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who let the cat out of the bag, though.

Back in 2017,  Pelosi explained this tactic of feeding stories to the press and using those reports to verify the claims. She called it a “tactic” called the “Wrap-up Smear.”

Well, that sounds exactly like what the FBI did, doesn’t it?

This is why President Trump rails against both the Deep State and the Fake News Media. They’re both enemies of the people.

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