WATCH: Bad@ss Chica Who Shot Back At Two Burglars Is NOT Your ‘Typical’ Gun Owner

Written by Wes Walker on October 23, 2020

If someone asked you to put pen to paper and sketch a gun owner, what would you draw? Chances are, whatever that image is, it’s probably not the hero(ine) of this story.

The Left likes to draw caricatures about anyone who doesn’t share their views.

  • You see it with the disparaging use of Southern Accents to imply uneducated or uncultured.
  • You see it with their use of ‘flyover country’.
  • You see it with their attacks on traditional Christian beliefs.

You see it VERY clearly in their view of Patriots who love the Constitution, especially if they own a firearm.

Ask yourself how many narrow liberal minds would be blown by what happened in this story:

Ansley Pacheco, a mom in Miami, found herself in a terrifying situation. Two burglars with Uzis busted into their home and started shooting up the place. Her husband and seven-year-old son were in harm’s way. Mom, who was in another part of the house, grabbed the gun out of her nightstand and returned fire.

Her husband took the opportunity to close the distance, take the gun from her, and chase the attackers with his buddy that had been visiting to watch the game.

Why did we ask about assumptions?

Because this chica does NOT fit any of your standard leftist camo-wearing, tobacco-chewing assumptions about what gun owners look like.

She’s not just a woman. Not just a wife. Not just a mom.

She’s a cam girl. She takes off her clothes (not sure if it’s ‘some’ or ‘all’) for paying customers on the other end of the camera.

She’s one of those ‘sex workers’ the left loves to claim as their own. One of those ’empowered women’ they like to talk about.

She’s also a gun owner who showed with her own lived experience, or in the left’s preferred language ‘personal truth’, that — however protected and safe you think your home might be (even behind a gate) — there are some situations you simply have to handle yourself.

There was no time to wait for the police.

She had to take action herself.

ClashDaily simply wants EVERYONE to have that option available to them if a situation suddenly goes South in a hurry.

Rowdy is good.

Rowdy and Righteous? Even better.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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