WATCH: Jewish School In NYC Targeted Was Being Issued A Summons For Being Open — No Students Were Inside

Written by Wes Walker on October 28, 2020

Is it any wonder Jewish New Yorkers are feeling singled out by their own elected officials?

If it weren’t bad enough that New York has seen a massive uptick in antisemitic violence at the hand of random civilians, now we’re seeing what looks like political action targeting a visible minority.

New York has made a number of pronouncements since Xi’s plague blew into town, but a disproportionate number of them seem to specifically reference a relatively small demographic group.

More recently, we have law enforcement action being taken against homes, schools, and places of worship, which seems to disproportionately affect Jews, including headlines of $15,000 of fines to Jewish groups over COVID.

Even before this lady knew the facts of the situation, she was getting ready to write a summons against this Jewish school which — obviously — had no children present, and was therefore NOT in violation of any imperial mandates by De Blasion or Cuomo.

Had the man filming the interaction not invited them in to PROVE that there were no children present, they would have put a summons on his door. And the lady with the badge seems VERY flustered by the fact that she’s being filmed as she does this.

We saw something similar elsewhere in New York when authorities broke up a gathering in a Jewish home where too many cars were allegedly parked.


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