Philly Riots Ramping Up: Reporter Hasn’t Seen Anything Like It Since May’s Riots In Minneapolis

Written by Wes Walker on October 28, 2020

Night two of the violent uprisings in Philly was worse than the first one. Over a thousand rioters were said to have hit a targeted area to loot and destroy.

We’ve got plenty of footage from the swath of destruction, but first, let’s look into some precipitating factors.

Police are having a hard time of it. Not only were at least 30 of them injured on the FIRST night, (who knows how many on the second)…

But if this footage from the first night is any indication, they have been badly outnumbered.

If only we had some clue as to what was the hell was going wrong over there…

Philadelphia City Council’s Public Safety Committee approved a proposal Tuesday that if signed into law would be among the first of its kind for a major US city.

The measure would effectively ban the use of non-lethal force against protesters.

That means law enforcement in Philadelphia would no longer be permitted to use resources like tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets when people are exercising their First Amendment rights.

…But officials from the Fraternal Order Of Police said the only thing this proposal does is put public safety at risk.

FOP Vice President Roosevelt Poplar said the whole point of using non-lethal force for crowd control is to keep the public as safe as possible during a potentially dangerous situation.

“So, basically, you’re taking away non-lethal munitions and you’re leaving them with only one tool, and that’s a deadly weapon tool, which is a gun,” Poplar said. –ABC

That would count as a clue.

This probably isn’t helping any:

But wait, there’s more!

How bad was the damage?

One of the reporters present in the early days of the George Floyd riots (remember that name?) says he hasn’t seen anything like it since Minnesota back in May.

Rosas wasn’t the only reporter on the scene.


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