WATCH: NY ‘Luv Gov’ Gaslights Us All About COVID Nursing Home Culpability

Written by Wes Walker on October 1, 2020

Anyone who was listening to Mark Levin’s radio program or reading the WSJ back in March already knew all about Cuomo’s dangerous order forbidding Nursing Homes to turn away COVID-positive patients.

Until they were recently scrubbed, you could even see the document with Andrew’s signature right on it.

Having seen early on in Seattle just what a dangerous threat this virus could pose to the elderly, the danger of this policy should have been evident to all.

We covered a number of stories related to the nursing home situation, but this one went into detail — with names and dates — how the alarm has been sounded from as early as March that Cuomo’s order would be a lit match in a powderkeg.

Cuomo Finally Feeling Heat Over Nursing Home Fatalities

In that piece, we report the following conversation:

Her name was Dr. Elaine Healey, and she told the listeners, in her words, about ‘what is about to happen in New York with respect to nursing homes.’

‘The Governor has ordered that all nursing homes must accept COVID-positive patients that are actually potentially still infectious, into their facilities. And this will put our residents, our long term care population at risk.’

Mark Levin was gobsmacked and literally asked if she was ‘pulling his leg.’ ‘Are you serious? Why would he order this? This doesn’t make any sense.’

‘I’m looking at a directive from Andrew Cuomo and Howard Zucker dated March 25th and it’s ordering nursing homes — it says ‘nursing homes must comply with the expedited receipt of residents from hospitals, they are deemed appropriate to go into nursing homes by the hospitals and we cannot discriminate based on the presence of COVID.’ And that’s it. And that’s how he’s been managing this crisis.’

Wow. The Governor lies almost as effortlessly as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. No wonder they are floating his name as a future Democratic presidential candidate.

He can gaslight us all he wants, but it won’t help. Stories like this one are already in the public record. Perhaps he can explain the directives he gave in this presser? (Highlighted in red.)

The video that was screenshot was taken from can be found here: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Sent COVID Patients To Retirement Homes–With A Supply Of Body Bags

Also, as we mentioned in an earlier story, reporting from ABC News gives reporting that rips his story to shreds:

SHOCKING: Cuomo’s Policy Sent More Than 4,300 COVID-Positive Patients Into Nursing Homes

If you want some more stories on the topic? We’ve got those too. Which one is the MOST incriminating? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

Blame shifting is nothing new to Cuomo. Before he was blaming the President, he threw those ‘COVID Heroes’ under the bus:

Cuomo Agency Reports Gov. Cuomo’s Policy Didn’t Cause NY Nursing Home COVID Deaths–Blames Healthcare Workers

Cuomo’s government is as ‘transparent’ as mud.

Cuomo’s Officials Caught Cooking The Books On Nursing Home Deaths

New York Nursing Home Deaths Are ‘A Significant Undercount’ But Gov. Cuomo Doesn’t Want An Independent Investigation

Memory Hole: Cuomo’s Order Forcing COVID Patients On Nursing Homes Scrubbed From Gov’t Website

NYC’s COVID Death Rate In Nursing Homes Is Due To Governor Cuomo’s Disastrous Policies

It’s not just COVID patients that paid a price for his mismanagement, either.

We still need answers for this: Having A Heart Attack In NYC? You Could Be S.O.L. — Here’s Why