WATCH: Sen. Chuck Schumer Says That ‘Generations Yet Unborn Will Suffer’ Because Of ACB’s Confirmation

Written by K. Walker on October 27, 2020

Did the Senate Minority Leader just realize that the unborn were people?!

Cryin’ Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is very concerned about the future of generations of Americans “yet unborn” even though he’s pro-abortion.

Remember, waaay back in March before the WuFlu became the only thing that we talked about, Cryin’ Chuck joined a moderately large gathering of pro-aborts to protest recent pro-life court decisions.

Chucky even got smacked down by Chief Justice Roberts who votes with the left 9 out of 10 times.

Perhaps those reprimands affected Sen. Schumer and he suddenly learned the error of his ways and “evolved” on pro-life issues?

No such luck.

It turns out that he’s concerned that the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court will mean the End Of America As We Know it and “generations yet unborn” will deal with the consequences of… wait for it… climate change.

And workers “continuing to fall behind.” (Maybe Chuck should talk to Nancy about that one.)

And “unlimited dark money” in politics. (Democrats are recipients of “dark money” despite their constant shrieking about it.)

It’s also dangerous for “generations yet unborn” to have the protections in the law to murder in the womb pulled back some. (That’s just nonsensical.)

Another issue that he has is apparently requiring voter ID laws and ensuring that illegal aliens don’t vote.

Give me a freaking break, Chuck!

Don’t start pretending as though the unborn suddenly matter.

They only matter when pushing Chuck’s leftwing agenda which, ironically, includes killing millions of those “generations yet unborn.”

Senator Schumer issued what can only be taken as a threat — Democrats are willing to burn down the institutions because they didn’t get their way.

Spare me your outrage, Chuck. Joe Biden — the Presidential nominee for your party — won’t be clear to the American people on what he’s going to do to push for packing the Supreme Court or not, and he’s openly said that voters “don’t deserve” to know what he’s going to do as they’re going to the polls.

Democrats want to have it both ways — they want to win at all costs by claiming that Republicans are “violating the norms” when they’re not and at the same time, they’re willing to destroy the institutions themselves to get their way.

Democrats use the rules when it suits them, and then want to change them when they’re used by Republicans.

This is the kind of behavior of bratty children, not serious adults.

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