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WHOOPS! Joe Biden Brags About Putting Together The ‘Most Extensive & Inclusive Voter FRAUD Organization’ (VIDEO)

The Gaffe Machine strikes again… or was this a Freudian slip?

Joe Biden was interviewed by the Obama sycophants, Dan Pfieffer and Jon Lovett, from the Pod Save America podcast and posted on their website.

At the end of the interview, Biden said something that raised some eyebrows and got a whole lot of attention on rightwing media.

Biden said, “Secondly, we’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

The clip got shared all over the internet.


Fox News noted that Joe Biden is known for his verbal gaffes, but he may have been referring to the vast preparation taking place behind the scenes to contest the election if he loses.

Biden may have been referring to his campaign’s massive “election protection program,” which includes former Attorney General Eric Holder and hundreds of other lawyers in preparation for a legal battle in the event of a contested election.

The former vice president’s campaign told Fox News that over the past several months they have created the largest election protection program in presidential campaign history, involving integrated legal, communications and political strategies for what they anticipate to be an unprecedented election.

Biden has a history of misstatements, including saying he was running for the Senate in mid-October and claiming 200 million Americans have died of coronavirus in mid-September, and President Trump has pulled no punches in criticizing him.

Source: Fox News

President Trump tweeted about it as well.



Watch the extended portion including the question Joe was attempting to answer.

Politico posted a full transcript of the interview.

Here is the relevant portion.

Dan Pfeiffer: One final question for you, Mr. Vice President. This interview is gonna come out tomorrow, which is early vote day. And so I’m gonna ask you a two part question, which is what I think President Obama used to call pulling a Chuck Todd. Part one: what’s your message to the folks who have not yet voted or do not yet have a plan to vote? And, part two, for the folks who have already—the 50 million Americans who’ve already voted, what can they do over the last 10 days to help make sure that you’re the next President of the United States?

Joe Biden: Well, first of all, you know, what really rankles my opponent is I say that the thing that bothers him most is he’s not a patch on Barack’s jeans. I mean, Barack was one hell of a president. And I tell you what, man, what an honor it was, I think you guys believe it, too, to serve with him. An incredible honor. And I’m not being solicitous. I really mean that. He had more integrity in his little finger than most people have in their whole body. And he had a backbone like a ramrod—has one. But one of the things that I think is most important is those who haven’t voted yet. First of all, go to to make a plan exactly how you’re going to vote, where you’re going to vote, when you’re going to vote. Because it can get complicated. Because the Republicans are doing everything they can to make it harder for people to vote—particularly people of color to vote. So go to

Secondly, we’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. What the president is trying to do is discourage people from voting by implying that their vote won’t be counted. It can’t be counted. We’re gonna challenge it and all these things. If enough people vote, it’s gonna overwhelm the system. You see what’s happening now. You guys know it as well as I do. You see the long, long lines in early voting. You see the millions of people have already cast a ballot. And so, don’t be intimidated. If, in fact, you have any, any problem, go to, and I don’t have the number, but it’s 833-DEM-VOTE. The letters D-E-M-V-O-T-E. Call that number. We have over a thousand lawyers, over a thousand [and they’ll] answer the phone. If you think there’s any challenge to your voting, go to 833-DEM-VOTE. Dial those letters on your phone, that will get you the assistance that we have already put in place.

Thirdly, for those who’ve already voted, it’s not enough, God love ya, it’s not enough that you voted. You got to go out and get your friends. You’ve got to go out and get your family. You’ve got to go out and get people. There’s so many people like the old days when we used to—it used to be a lot easier. There’s so many people where you’re able to knock on doors and know Mrs. Smith didn’t have a vehicle, that you drive her to the polls. You make sure that you get your friends, your family, because, look, you know, as John Lewis said before he passed away, it’s really, you have a sacred right and it’s a sacred obligation to vote, particularly young people. You’re the ones—if 18 to 25 years old vote in the same percentage that the rest of the population voted in in 2016, you know what [would] happened? We would have had 5.2 million more people voting. You can own the election. You can own the outcome. It really, really, really, really, really matters.

And make the case to your friends, make your case to your friends that they can’t complain if they don’t vote. And it’s going to be counted. It’s going to be counted. And because I think the American people are gonna show up, Dan, in such large numbers, there’s gonna be no way to avoid the outcome. And look what he’s done from the beginning. Done everything to try to discourage you, saying he’s not sure he’ll accept the results. He’s not sure what he’ll do. I guarantee you, he’ll accept the results and he’ll be out in—there’s no one gonna stick with him, you know? You know, he’s the only president I know that six of his generals who’ve worked directly for him said he’s unfit to be president, commander in chief. So I’m not worried about any coup here. You know, I’m not [inaudible] saying there’s gonna be a coup, but let’s think about everything’s been said. When I said about three months ago, I think he’s gonna suggest he may not step down, he may not accept the outcome of the vote, people said “Oh, there goes Biden.” What did he do? Two weeks later?

It’s all designed to try to keep people from voting. So those who have voted, you know how long it took you, how you did it, what you did. Go to, particularly if you have, you know, grandparents or older folks in your neighborhood who you know, and they have an absentee ballot, show them it matters how they fill it out. It’s complicated, some of it. They haven’t made it easier for people in many states. And by the way, that’s why we challenged, it may not hold up in Pennsylvania [if] the Supreme Court were to change it, but now they’ve allowed the county if it’s postmarked, it can be counted for all the way for the next several days, which it should be. Well, you have in Texas the governor having these drop boxes, one in a county. Some of the counties are as big as my state almost, literally. And the idea there’s one drop box? And so, we’re gonna be, we’re gonna have enough people out there policing it, watching it, making sure. Do not be intimidated, but go out and help those who you know are going to have physical difficulty getting to a polling place or may need help on how to get done what they need to get done to vote. will tell you exactly where you can vote, where you live, what circumstances are available to you, and vote early. Vote early.

By the way, I particularly at, one of the things we did, you know, your guys’ generation has stepped up. One of the things you may recall that I started arguing for is the need for significantly more young poll workers. Well, thousands of you have showed up. Thousands of you have showed up. Because of COVID, older people who traditionally are the poll watchers and make sure everything’s squared away, they’re afraid to show up because they’re dying, or they’re getting COVID many of them, they’re worried about it. They see what’s happened to their friends. And so what’s happening is this election is a generational election. This is this generation’s opportunity, not a joke, to take back our democracy. It literally, literally my word as a Biden is at stake. Our democracy is at stake. And, you know, I have to admit to you, you know, I always heard that. I was a history and political science major in college. I’ve been involved in public life my whole adult life. But I never really believed it, that it was really, you know, every generation has to earn it. Well, guess what? It’s in jeopardy, man. It’s in jeopardy. Do not be intimidated. Do not be intimidated. And whether you vote for me or against me, vote, vote, vote. There’s not a single thing we can’t do when the American people stand together, and that’s not hyperbole. I mean it. There’s nothing, nothing beyond our capability.

The whole interview was just a sh!tshow. From the start, Pfeiffer and Lovett said that it was going to be a softball interview with friendlies who are fervent supporters. They fed Joe answers to “clarify” the fumbles he had during the debate. Lovett was openly spinning Joe’s answer on ending the oil industry. At the very end, Biden forgot how many grandchildren he had and how old they were.

It seems that Joe has no idea what he’s talking about more than 50% of the time — even during a friendly interview with the hosts helping him along.

That’s not good.

In a way, Biden is right — the election results need to be decisive.

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