Yo Dems: Knives Killed This Many More People Than Rifles … Are You Banning THEM, Too?

Written by Wes Walker on October 14, 2020

Statistics don’t lie. But politicians certainly do. Biden and company want you to believe they will make life safer for you by removing ‘weapons of war’. But…

How does the danger he plans to protect us from compare to other threats over which he won’t even bat an eye?

Knife violence, for instance?

It’s a statistic that should surprise exactly ZERO lawful gun owners.

Four times as many people were killed with a knife than with any kind of rifle in 2019, the FBI revealed in its Uniform Crime Report released late last month.

According to the UCR, 1,476 victims were murdered with “knives or cutting instruments,” whereas 364 people were killed with rifles, including the vague category of “assault rifles.”

More victims were also murdered by blunt objects like clubs and hammers, which resulted in 397 homicides in 2019. –AmericanMilitaryNews

Was this a blip? An aberration? A statistical hiccup?


The FBI’s 2018 data showed that 1,515 people were killed with knives compared to 297 people with rifles. –AmericanMilitaryNews

Remember this figure the next time Biden uses his ‘weapons of war’ speech as an excuse to infringe that Second Amendment he hats so much.

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