BAD@SS BRO: Gator Grabs Puppy… Man Goes In After It (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on November 23, 2020

At a moment in history where men of action seem few and far between, it’s refreshing to see what happens when a man steps up to defend what’s his own.

We’re fast become a culture that relies on experts to do everything.

As the trend has it, anything from fixing a car, to caring for aging relatives, to protecting the family from a threat is being left to ‘the experts’.

That may be all well and good for a situation where you have the luxury of getting an expert to look at your problem. But what if you don’t have any such luxury?

That’s when circumstances separate the men from the boys.

Are you going to be a man of action who steps up and does what the situation calls for? Or are you going to throw in the towel without even trying?

Here’s what manning up can look like when it happens.

This guy’s puppy got snatched by a gator. So, without missing a beat, the owner went in to save it.

And you know what?

Not only did he catch the gator (without even dropping his hat or cigar) but he saved the puppy, too.

If you’re pretty sure you would have stood on the shore wringing your hands, wishing someone ELSE would come along to save him? Now’s a good time for you to do something to fix that.

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