Biden Plans To Tax The Hell Out Of Gun Owners…It’s NEVER Been About ‘Safety’

Written by Wes Walker on November 24, 2020

If Biden truly cared about safety, he would turn his attention to the places where the most violent deaths occur. But then, that would put Democrat cities in a very bad light.

We don’t yet know how judges will rule on Trump’s court challenge, but if they end up ruling in Biden’s favor we are already seeing the sort of ‘fundamental changes’ he’s got cooked up for us.

If he can’t legislate gun ownership out of existence, he’ll try to tax it out of existence. Because, like all authoritarians, anything the Left doesn’t like, they feel obligated to control. Minding their own damned business just isn’t an option.

American gun owners could face tens of billions of dollars in new taxes to keep the guns they already own under Democrat Joe Biden’s gun ban and tax plan.

At least 20 million rifles and 150 million ammunition magazines would be caught up in the sales ban and registration scheme Biden touted on the campaign trail, according to a National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) report. The new taxes would cost Americans more than $34 billion, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

NSSF told the Washington Free Beacon the sheer number of affected guns and magazines could pose a significant problem for Biden’s gun-control plans.

…Biden wants to ban new sales of AR-15 rifles and similar firearms as well as any ammunition magazine holding more than 10 rounds—sizes that come standard on most modern rifles and handguns. He would pay some owners to surrender the affected guns they legally own and force everyone else to register the guns under the National Firearms Act. The proposal would require owners to pay a $200 tax stamp for each item.-FreeBeacon

Of course, there is no data to justify such action. Almost half of the guns sold in 2018 would fall afoul of the new restrictions, and it would do nothing to improve safety.

Today’s report also shows that as lawful firearm ownership in America continues to grow, criminal and unintentional misuse of firearms is falling. During the 28-year period covered by this report (1991–2018) the violent crime rate has decreased by 51.3 percent and unintentional firearm-related fatalities have declined by 68.2 percent.- NSSF

If he cared about safety, he’d be rapping the knuckles of morons in his own party who are demanding that prisons and police be ‘abolished’.

If bad guys can’t go to prison, you only leave one deterrent on the table… and gun ownership is a critical feature to that deterrent.

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