COVIDICTATORS: Pennsylvania Mandates Mask-Wearing In Your Own Home — No, This Is Not Satire

Written by K. Walker on November 18, 2020

Governor Tom Wolf seems to be in competition with several of his fellow Democrat Governors to be named the most Overreaching Authoritarian Of The Pandemic.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer is giving him a good run for his money now that she’s decided to ignore the court ruling that said that she had overstepped her constitutional authority with her dictatorial decrees in the early days of the pandemic. Governor Newsom’s recent “Ooops! I shouldn’t have gone to my lobbyist friend’s 50th Birthday party at what may be the hoitiest-toitiest restaurant in America while telling the hoi polloi that they can’t have Aunt Edna over for Thanksgiving” and then, of course, there’s New York’s Governor “Grandma Killer” Cuomo whose nursing home COVID policies were unnecessarily deadly but he’s had the absolute gall to put out a commemorative poster and a “leadership” book.

But none of those Democrats have doubled-down quite as spectacularly as Governor Wolf.

He’s now demanding that people wear masks indoors — even in homes if someone outside the household is present.

The Government of Pennsylvania website details the “strengthened” mask order:

Strengthened Masking Order

Dr. Levine first issued a masking order on April 15. The order signed today strengthens this initial order with these inclusions:

  • Masks are required to be worn indoors and outdoors if you are away from your home.
  • When outdoors, a mask must be worn if you are not able to remain physically distant (at least 6 feet away) from someone not in your household the entire time you are outdoors.
  • When indoors, masks will now be required even if you are physically distant from members not in your household. This means that even if you are able to be 6 feet apart, you will need to wear a mask while inside if with people other than members of your household.
  • This order applies to every indoor facility, including homes, retail establishments, gyms, doctors’ offices, public transportation, and anywhere food is prepared, packaged or served.

How the heck do they expect to enforce this?

Maybe they’ll expand their “Snitch Line” that was set up in April to include private homes as well as businesses. Won’t that be nice? That’ll make the neighborhood feel so… neighborly!

If someone could explain The Science™ of this to me, that would also be great. I know that we hear from the Media (D) that masks stop the spread, but that’s not what the actual science says. A 2015 CDC study on cloth masks determined that they don’t really work to stop infections, and a CDC report published in September revealed that masks still aren’t very effective — over 70% of patients that had tested positive for COVID said that they “always” wore a mask or face-covering in public.

Sure, you can talk about The Science™ “droplets” vs “aerosolization” of the virus, but can we talk about all of the people that have a “false sense of security” because of the mask? It’s not so much the mask itself I don’t trust, it’s my lack of faith in my fellow man to use the damned thing properly.

Despite what you hear, the U.S. actually has pretty high mask compliance.

The question is — do masks actually work?

A new Danish study released today says, “Eh, not so much.”

From early April to early June, researchers at the University of Copenhagen recruited 6,024 participants who had been tested beforehand to be sure they were not infected with the coronavirus.

Half were given surgical masks and told to wear them when leaving their homes; the others were told not to wear masks in public.

At that time, 2 percent of the Danish population was infected — a rate lower than that in many places in the United States and Europe today. Social distancing and frequent hand-washing were common, but masks were not.

So, to be clear, these are people who did not have the virus but masked-up when in public. It’s not a study to see if there was asymptomatic spread, but to see if masks protect the wearer. Remember, the mask advocates have gone back and forth that masks protect from spreading and protect the wearer. This shoots one of those theories right to hell.

About 4,860 participants completed the study. The researchers had hoped that masks would cut the infection rate by half among wearers. Instead, 42 people in the mask group, or 1.8 percent, got infected, compared with 53 in the unmasked group, or 2.1 percent. The difference was not statistically significant.

“Our study gives an indication of how much you gain from wearing a mask,” said Dr. Henning Bundgaard, lead author of the study and a cardiologist at the University of Copenhagen. “Not a lot.”

Dr. Mette Kalager, a researcher at Telemark Hospital in Norway and the Harvard School of Public Health, was persuaded. The study showed that “although there might be a symbolic effect,” she wrote in an email, “the effect of wearing a mask does not substantially reduce risk” for wearers.

Source: New York Times

Of course, the Times did a little dance in their 1100 word article to make sure to criticize the “limits” of the study and how it was clearly wrong despite, you know, the results.

Oh, but what about asymptomatic spread, then?

How about we look at places that force everyone to wear a mask.

Matt Margolis of PJ Media examined that data back in October.

I guess we’re just supposed to clamp down on that “independent spirit” and “do what you’re told” as Dr. Fauci said.

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