HYPOCRITES: Cali Lawmakers Headed To Maui To Hobnob With Lobbyists — But Want YOU To Cancel Thanksgiving And Christmas

Written by Wes Walker on November 18, 2020

Family gatherings at Thanksgiving? Bad. Political bigwigs at fundraisers pressing the flesh in Maui? Good. Because, of course they would.

How do you think it looks to some of these locked down states when their elected officials are boarding a plane to a conference in Maui?

(Looking at you, California!)

Find me the line in the Constitution that grants sweeping authority to any government flunkie — elected or otherwise — to reach into every detail of your life and control it.

COVID may be the excuse they’re giving, but can anyone seriously imagine the Framers sounding off on any document empowering the government to shut down all aspects of normal life, to mandate restrictions on movement and commerce, to close or heavily restrict church worship, and to forbid family gatherings?

If they saw a ‘free’ people devolving to this, they would start adding explicit texts forbidding such an overreach. (And, of course, the power-hungry would find some OTHER work-around.)

How do you feel about government mandates reaching into your Thanksgiving family gatherings while those who breathe a more rarified air are jetting off to Maui for a political conference?

Roughly 100 people from four states converged at the Fairmont Kea Lani for a four-day legislative conference organized by the Independent Voter Project, said the group’s chair and executive director, Dan Howle.

The 18th annual event was a third of its regular size, Howle said, but it still drew nearly 20 lawmakers from California, Texas and Washington state. The theme? How to reopen states’ economies amid the public health crisis.

…The event comes amid a worrisome surge in infections across the country and new travel restrictions on the West Coast, and as many schools and businesses remain closed.

It also follows revelations by the San Francisco Chronicle that Gov. Gavin Newsom attended a 12-person birthday party at an exclusive Napa Valley restaurant, the French Laundry.

“Fair to say that the timing isn’t great,” said Jack Pitney, a politics professor at Claremont McKenna College. “Anybody organizing an in-person event should think carefully about the optics, particularly in California, where the governor has just sent most of the state into purple. There’s a chance this will not be received well by the general public.” –Politico

There are some excuses about all the ‘precautions’ that are being taken, the COVID tests, blah, blah, blah. But if kids can be expected to have their classes over Zoom meetings, nothing really stops them from doing the same — except for the small detail that they don’t WANT to do it by Zoom.

Orwell was right with his Animal Farm quip: ‘…some are more equal than others.’