Cuomo Promises ‘Different Tone’ On COVID Now That We Are Post-Election

Written by Wes Walker on November 9, 2020

In case there was wonder if Cuomo was a disingenuous political backstabber willing to play with lives and livelihoods just so he could gain power — and something else.

Andrew Cuomo had a lot at stake in this election. Not just personally, either.

Long before the WuFlu came to town, Cuomo was in trouble. More specifically, New York’s budget was in trouble.

Gov. Cuomo faces a growing budget mess as officials projected a shocking $6.1 billion hole in the state’s finances next year. —NYPost, November 2019

He put a nice-y face on his relations with Trump when it suited him.

But on Monday, Cuomo took to an unlikely venue — The Howard Stern Show — to offer genuine praise for the president’s response to the coronavirus in his home state. “He has delivered for New York. —NBCNY April

Until he started taking heat for people dying as a direct reaction to the nursing home directive with his signature on it. He needed a scapegoat. And in an election year — who better to throw under the bus than OrangeManBad himself? It didn’t help that Trump had ZERO interest in rescuing cities and states who had bankrupted themselves with unsustainable spending and hiring decisions.

A cuthroat narrative was developed by the left and their media enablers which put COVID deaths at the feet of a guy in the White House whose scope of authority specifically does NOT include State-level health care decisions.

Now that he thinks the doom-and-gloom candidate is victorious, he figures the whole country will step in line with the jackboot compliance narratives. Don’t do this, don’t go here, don’t wear that.

“I think you’ll see a different tone now. I think you’ll even see some governors take a different tone now that Mr. Trump is out of office. I think you’ll see scientists speak with unmuzzled voices now,’’ Cuomo said. –NYPost

Unless of course, they are scientists who have a politically unpopular opinion that argues for more limited government overreach and greater individual autonomy.

Here is Mark D. Levine, sitting NCY Councilman and Chair of NYC’s Health Committee on the massive gatherings in Times Square on Saturday…

Cheering his preferred party’s ‘win’ at what would be called a ‘super-spreader event’ if it were in support of Trump. But the virus is magical. Socialists are immune when they are

…but suddenly, on Sunday, he realizes that this is probably not something that he should support publicly.

Now that the celebration is over, it’s back to the draconian tactics.

Because a compliant voter is a…


a compliant voter.

What’s the left’s response to the virus so far?

Blame a Republican for the spread, give inconstant guidance shaped by political biases, and ratchet down individual rights.

Funny how that formula sounds kinda familiar. Can someone point to a difference between the Dem’s approach to this issue from their kneejerk response to all the others?

Take as long as you need.