If Even Europe Saw This Method Was Shot Through With Security Issues, Why Would AMERICA Trust It?

Written by Wes Walker on November 12, 2020

Europe learned a hard lesson in just how easily their system could be gamed and exploited by unscrupulous actors. So why are we deliberately repeating their mistakes?

Kayleigh McEnany caught hell for the speech where she laid out what should be a non-controversial case. FoxNews cut her off, and the host was shocked and offended by her allegations. But on their face, her statements were straightforward: Only one party has been moving heaven and earth to bend the law in favor of weaker electoral safeguards, and looser standards. WATCH: Here’s The Kayleigh McEnany Presser FoxNews Didn’t Want You To Hear

There is no plausible explanation for moving the goalposts in a way that would favor those who would work mischief other than having a desire to make it easier for such people to do exactly that.

The obvious follow-up question is — would anyone in American politics be able to forsee the likelihood of electoral malfeasance?

The short answer is, ‘yes’.

We haven’t forgotten the Iowa primaries already, have we? Or the Wisconsin ones? Or New Jersey? Or New York? Or…?

Even just in the ‘trial run’ of mail-driven voting, we had reason to question the process. But the media and the Democrats pushed harder and harder.

Do you remember?

Pelosi & Co weren’t willing to come back to DC to work out a spending package for anyone trapped in lockdown. But they WERE willing to do it for the post office. They were absolutely Hellbent on making mail-in voting happen.

And this might be a clue as to the reason why:

Most developed countries, especially in Europe, ban mail-in voting to fight vast fraud and vote buying that had threatened the integrity of their elections, according to an exhaustive review of voting rules and histories in over 30 major nations.

In the European Union, 63% have put a ban on mailing in ballots except for citizens living overseas. Another 22% have imposed a ban even for those overseas. And most of those that allow mail-in ballots require some form of photo ID to get one, according to the report from the Crime Prevention Research Center shared with Secrets.

“These countries have learned the hard way about what happens when mail-in ballots aren’t secured. They have also discovered how hard it is to detect vote buying when both those buying and selling the votes have an incentive to hide the exchange,” said author John R. Lott, the center’s president.

…“Liberals and progressives often try to model the U.S. on Western European countries in many ways, but you never hear them arguing that we should adopt their voting rules. There is a reason for that. Banning mail-in voting or requiring people to use photo IDs to obtain a mail-in ballot is quite common in developed countries, especially in Europe,” he said in the report.

The report, titled Why Do Most Countries Ban Mail-in Ballots? They Have Seen Massive Vote Fraud Problems, listed the rules for voting and widespread cases of fraud and vote buying. His report also listed notable cases of fraud in U.S. voting.

He ended up calling mail-in voting a “throwback to the dark old days of vote-buying and fraud. Like most of the rest of the world, Americans deserve a more trustworthy system.”

…“If concern about vote fraud with mail-in ballots is delusional, it is a delusion that is shared by most of the world. Even the countries that allow mail-in ballots have protections, such as government-issued photo IDs. But Americans are constantly assured even this step is completely unnecessary. Without basic precautions, our elections are on course to become the laughing stock of the developed world,” Lott concluded. –WashingtonExaminer

For the record, this was published in August, BEFORE the election took place.

And so was this Senate Judiciary report, entitled: How Democrats Are Attempting To Sow Uncertainty, Inaccuracy, And Delay In The 2020 Election Surprised By Election Court Challenges? Senate Judiciary Warned Of Real Issues

How are THOSE predictions looking so far?