REPORT: Could Mitt Romney’s Ego And Ambition Give Chuck Schumer His Majority?

Written by Wes Walker on November 12, 2020

Will this RINO throwback be the SECOND failed ‘moderate’ nominee to throw a stick in the spokes of anything truly conservative?

With the election results still up in the air until the courts give their final rulings on alleged voter fraud, this election has been high-stakes for some other reasons, too.

On the plus side, our side had a strong showing in the House and is much closer to parity than we once were.

On the minus side, our side had much more to lose with this slate of Senators, and our razor-thin lead (if it holds) just got even thinner.

We must win at least one of the two Senate races in Georgia to keep Chuck’s grasping mitts off the levers of power he has been so obviously coveting in recent years. It can be done, but will be a tough fight in which both sides will be going for broke.

The REASON stakes are so high is that Schumer has already indicated he wants to break the filibuster rule so that a bare majority can push through a political agenda no matter HOW radical so long as their party holds the gavel.

They have already indicated an interest in packing the court, for instance. And making DC into a state (contrary to the Constitution), and possibly Puerto Rico so that they could gain 2 more sets of Senators most likely to be reliably Democrat.

In other words, this is a naked power grab, intent on gaming the system to turn America into a defacto one-party state.

If courts rule in favor of Biden, this would be a narrow lead, but a real one.

But wait — there’s more.

Remember how Mittens Romney kissed Trump’s ass looking for a political appointment but didn’t actually get one? Then he openly opposed him as a ‘principled Conservative’ for the next few years, even throwing that lone vote in favor of impeachment?

The rumor swirling around DC is that Romney has been offered a position on Biden’s Cabinet.

If true, it’s a trap.

We’re happy to report that the OFFICIAL story is that Mittens is denying that story and rejecting the possibility of any such deal.

When asked if Biden has approached him for his Cabinet, Romney said, “I have not been approached, nor will I be approached. And I’m not going to be part of the Biden administration.”

He said that as far as he can tell, rumors spread when a Buffalo, N.Y., newspaper reported that he was under consideration as Biden’s secretary of health and human services.

“I have no idea who made that story up,” Romney said. “I commented at the time: I’ve not been approached by the Biden team. I will not be approached by the Biden team. And I would never take a job where I had to follow in the footsteps of Michael Leavitt,” the former Utah governor who served as HHS secretary.-SLTribune

Then again, we’re not done taking our eye off this guy.

After all, it wouldn’t be the FIRST time he’s proven himself to be a duplicitous weasel, would it?


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