Judge Finds Soros-Funded Prosecutor ‘Recklessly Impeded’ Records Requests… Are You Surprised?

Written by Wes Walker on November 6, 2020

How many times have you heard words like ‘authoritarian’ and ‘despot’ thrown around by the Left? Why the sudden silence when the (left) government keeps info from the public’s right to know?

ClashDaily was one of the news sites trying to bring attention to a relatively new Soros tactic — installing his allies into key positions in law enforcement so they can use government positions to quietly (or not) advance their particular vision of America, whether we agreed with it or not.

What happens when those who share Soros’s vision find themselves in positions of power? We see just how much contempt they have for the expectations associated with being a ‘public servant’.

Just The News was looking into the bungled prosecution of former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens. For readers unfamiliar with the investigation, here’s how CNN reporting described it:

A Missouri panel “found no evidence of any wrongdoing” by former Gov. Eric Greitens following a nearly 18-month investigation into allegations of misconduct by his 2016 gubernatorial campaign, according to a report released Thursday, even as investigators faulted his campaign for failing to report legal in-kind contributions by two groups.

Those contributions came in the form of television and radio ads that attacked Greitens’ rivals in the Republican primary, funded by the outside group LG PAC, and a series of polls conducted in 2017 on behalf of the Greitens campaign but paid for by his not-for-profit entity, A New Missouri. —CNN

To say that there were ‘unanswered questions’ is putting it lightly. And did we mention he was a Democrat?

So Just The News did what they do best. They went digging for original documents.

“The Court finds that Defendant’s conduct in this case has recklessly impeded the judicial process,” Judge Christopher McGraugh of the Missouri 22nd Judicial Circuit Court concluded.

The judge ordered St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner’s office to produce records in the Greitens case to him to review for possible release to the news organization, and to compile a complete list that identifies all responsive documents and an explanation why prosecutors wanted to keep the information from Just the News.

He also denied Just the News’ motion to hold the Circuit Attorney in civil contempt for failing obey an earlier court order to supply records under Missouri’s Sunshine Law. –JustTheNews

It will interest our readers to know that this happens to be the same Prosecutor responsible for the McCloskey case, with its many reported irregularities, including evidence tampering.

What is John Solomon looking for?

Contact between the Prosecutor and anyone associated with a Soros activist org.

Solomon is pursuing “all records of contacts between Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner and her staff with the following individuals and entities from Jan. 6, 2017 through July 3, 2019: Scott Faughn; Al Watkins; Jeffrey E. Smith; JES Holdings LLC; Jeff Smith; The Missouri Workforce Housing Association; George Soros; Michael Vachon; Soros Fund Management; The Safety and Justice PAC; Open Society Foundation; Scott Simpson; Katrina Sneed; Phil Sneed; State Rep. Stacy Newman; State Rep. Jay Barnes.” –JustTheNews

What communication are they so very interested in keeping hidden, one wonders…