PROJECT VERITAS: Here Are Two More Damning Mail-in Voting Fraud Videos

Written by Wes Walker on November 6, 2020

Big Tech keeps censoring anyone who casts doubt on the integrity of the vote-by-mail system, but we keep hearing stories like this…

Anecdotes are not evidence.

But a series of similar anecdotes, separated by distance and time, pointing to the same conclusion?

Those are not ‘anecdotes’, they are now ‘data points’.

The mail is secure they assured us. The evidence tells us differently.

For months now, we and others have been raising red flags about the combined factors of human error, personal agendas, and the simple lack of chain-of-custody security.

We already covered the backdating that happened in the battleground state of Michigan. Now we are seeing it in PA, too.

If that wasn’t bad enough, how about the casual way that a carrier in Los Vegas is offering to give access to a ‘handful of ballots’ to this undercover journalist?

Before you try to dismiss it as joking, notice he goes out of his way to disavow responsibility.

The vote has already been tainted.

The question is where we should go from here.