LIBERALS POUNCE: Trump Gives Election-Night Message… CNN Immediately Starts Spinning

Written by Wes Walker on November 4, 2020

When the Big Night came, things played out exactly the way we figured they would, with Democrats and Media framing Trump as ‘falsely claiming victory’.

Democrats have been telegraphing this game plan for a very long time. Why do you think that Big Tech has been pre-emptively planning to block any talk of Trump being called a winner? Combine that with their ‘red mirage’ talking points, their wargame strategies, the urging of Hillary not tp accept a Trump win ‘under any circumstances’, and the hundreds of lawyers they have lined up to contest elections, and the Democrat strategy to win in court rather than at the ballot box is pretty clear.

The night was going more or less according to that plan.

Here was Joe signaling to the media:

Those watching in real-time were noticing that states with significant Trump leads looked like they had their results slow-walked (or even stalled) so that they wouldn’t be called on election night.

This leaves an opening for that next phase we saw play out in 2016. Nobody concedes on election night and lawyers get involved as the recount process rolls out.

The ideal situation for Biden is to turn this election into Broward County 2018.

Trump came out and presented his own understanding of how the night was progressing.

You will notice that the guy whose intellect the Dems spend so much time disparaging has the specific numbers and point spreads for different States locked in his memory as he reads without notes. He didn’t seem to be relying on the Teleprompter for them, either. (The numbers he cited were accurate and current as of the time he was citing them.)

Trump used these numbers and these significant point spreads to make his case for why he thought that (despite the reluctance for officials to make any calls whatsoever on some of these states) he was almost certainly going to win them.

He also put his marker down to say that he was NOT planning to sit idly by as regions with known issues of voter fraud continue to accept ballots AFTER election day, as that is an invitation to election tampering. He’s going to court, and he said so.

How did the Democrats — or at least their AV department on Cable News — react to Trump’s announcement?

Exactly as you would expect.

Speaking of them, I wonder how they would react to a ‘free press’ that actively concealed criminal wrongdoing among politicians.