Viral Anti-BLM Protester Gets Stabbed By Election-Night Rioters In DC (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on November 4, 2020

You might remember this gutsy lady from CHAZ/CHOP, or from NYC. She’s confronting the violent left again, and this time she got knifed over it.

But please, CNN, tell us more about how Antifa and BLM are all about standing up for rights, and against evil people.

You may not know the name Bevelyn Beatty, but you know her handiwork.

She’s the gutsy lady who wore that red poncho and preached the gospel to the malcontents in Seattle’s ‘semi-autonomous zone’.

EPIC: Two Bold Black Ladies Walk Into Occupied Seattle To Deliver A Message (VIDEO)

She also took on De Blasio’s pet art project.

Black Woman Chants ‘Re-Fund The Police’ While Dumping Black Paint On De Blasio’s BLM Piece

She was saying Jesus’ life matters.

She’s got guts and tenacity.

On election night, that guts and tenacity brought her in contact with some very unpleasant people.

The sort of people who dress in black, obscure their faces, and stick knives into strangers.′

From behind.

Because these nutless wonders don’t really care about black lives, or women, or rights of any sort.

This is an exercise of raw political power, nothing more.

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