LMAO: Bolton Dunks On Pompeo Over His Transition Quip…That Was A Bad Idea

Written by Wes Walker on November 13, 2020

John Bolton is like a rash on the body politick that just won’t go away. He just flared up again — for about a minute.

Bolton just hasn’t been the same since he discovered that it’s the duly-elected President, and not himself, that was running national foreign policy. It came as a shock to him.

Since that old-school Neo-Con was shown the door, we’ve seen a massive increase in Peace Deals around the world. Is that a coincidence? Probably not.

His nose has been out of joint ever since, taking snipes at the President where he could. But for the most part, they didn’t draw blood.

So he turned his sights on a lesser target, looking to do damage to the administration indirectly.

You know that quip Pompeo made to flip the ‘gotcha’ question the journalists asked him about ‘president-elect’ Biden? LMAO: Media Drops Post-Election ‘Gotcha’ Question … Pompeo Handles It Like A Champ (VIDEO)

Bolton didn’t appreciate the joke.

He pulled out his ‘serious’ voice and scolded Pompeo for it, claiming that Mike Pompeo has ‘eviscerated his credibility’.

Is that all you’ve got John?

Mike’s clap-back slapped the mustache right off his face.

Sorry John, you’re yesterdays’ news. The left has wrung out all of your quisling’s usefulness to them, and you will soon be going the way of Stormy Daniels, Michael Avanetti, and Jeff Flake.

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