Georgia Democrat Puts Own Party On BLAST Over Response To Recount Process

Written by Wes Walker on November 13, 2020

Most politicians just repeat official talking points. This guy is NOT like ‘most politicians’.

Vernon Jones is one Democrat who didn’t like his party’s drift toward socialism, and he supported Trump’s re-election. Speaking out with those principles cost him his job, so he’s the kind of man who puts his money where his mouth is.

Just the sort of principles that called out Democrats for failing to embrace the political transparency they claim to demand in the political process.

‘I just want what every Georgian wants. We want things to be done by the book. We can send a man to the moon, but we can’t count votes accurately? I’m talking about the legal ones now. And we can’t do it within 24 hours? How does a state the size of California get theirs in and Georgia can’t get it’s in?

That’s because, if you look, an example of the pandemic of failed leadership is where all these Democrats who are running these cities and overseeing these county elections that’s where you see, literally –

I was getting ready to say something, but I’d be all over the damn news.

…well lemme say this. I hope the news media learn from this. It’s been you carrying the false narrative of these false polls, coming from these liberal universities. And you and these pollsters have done more to interfere with this election than Russia and China combined. You have suppressed AND depressed the voters of this country…”

The recent podcast interview with John Solomon went even deeper that this video.

In that one, he gives a few explicit reasons why he thinks the recount needs to go forward and some of the irregularities he has seen have him questioning just how much of this vote has been messed with.

In some points of the interview, Jones calls out Democrats for drifting into Socialism, Andrew Yang and others for coming to Georgia and trying to push their California values in the coming runoff election.

He calls out Stacey Abrams for failing to step up and demanding that Georgia go ahead with a recount since she has personally complained that Georgian elections were rigged in the past.

But since it doesn’t help HER team, she has no integrity to put the interest of the Constitution or the Will of the People ahead of political expediency.

So, basically, Vernon Jones is one of those guys who could say (like Ronald Reagan before him) that his party is in the process of leaving him, more than that he is leaving the party.

All we really ask is the same thing he’s calling for.

We want a fair contest.

What does a fair fight look like? A level playing field:

-on our internet access
-at the ballot bot
-in the press

Let the people speak, take their best shot, and the best candidate win.

Oh — there’s one more thing we’d like to have.
We’d like an opponent that shares our desire for a fair fight.

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