News Media Calls Election: Trump Reminds America Of A Simple Fact They’ve Neglected

Written by Wes Walker on November 7, 2020

News media types are spouting off about this ‘moment in history’, but if the same Big Tech censorship rules applied to them, their announcements would be hidden behind ‘sensitive content’ screens.

Yes indeed, those maps that have suddenly replaced those WuFlu death tally figures (which have already served their purpose) were softening us all up for the grand finale — the declaration that Biden will be the 46th President of the United States.

Biden wasted no time in changing his Twitter profile to say so:

Funny thing is, when Trump makes the case that he thinks he’s got a strong claim at winning, he gets censored into oblivion because he doesn’t have the power to declare the winner.

Do you know who ELSE doesn’t have that power? The news media.

Until the moment that vote is officially certified, there still is no winner.

What we are seeing here is political gamesmanship to implant in the public consciousness that Biden is the rightful winner, so that even if irregularities ARE found, judges hearing these cases will be loathe to overturn the ‘rightful winner’.

See how that works?

Even judges don’t live in a bubble. They hear the same news we do.

Pelosi has been calling him the president-elect for a few days now. (Same strategy.) And the real point of Joe’s public appearance the other night was so that we would see him drive up in a very presidential-looking motorcade.

Which brings us to Trump’s response to the announcement.

“We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed. The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor. In Pennsylvania, for example, our legal observers were not permitted meaningful access to watch the counting process. Legal votes decide who is president, not the news media.

“Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated. The American People are entitled to an honest election: that means counting all legal ballots, and not counting any illegal ballots. This is the only way to ensure the public has full confidence in our election. It remains shocking that the Biden campaign refuses to agree with this basic principle and wants ballots counted even if they are fraudulent, manufactured, or cast by ineligible or deceased voters. Only a party engaged in wrongdoing would unlawfully keep observers out of the count room – and then fight in court to block their access.

“So what is Biden hiding? I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.”

The results are still OFFICIALLY undecided.

Any claims to the contrary are — in words Sleepy Joe could understand — complete malarkey.

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