NANNY STATE: 73yo Nurse Brings Mom Home From Nursing Home…Gets Arrested

Written by Wes Walker on November 7, 2020

In free countries, the government serves the people. In tyrannies, that dynamic gets reversed.

If a government is big enough to give you anything you need, it’s also big enough to take away everything you have… including the right to leave a nursing home and be cared for by a loving family member.

Remember, as you read this, that THIS is the precise kind of health care the far left would offer to us. They ‘give’ us more and more… so that we don’t know what we’re giving up in the process.

It is precisely the things their people have been ‘given’ that are used to justify the use of indefensible abuses of police power over an allegedly free people.

In case the Tech oligarchs decide we do not need to see this, we will transcribe what Leandra Ashton, from somewhere in the UK, wrote in the FB post:

So our final ‘window visit’ at the care home before lockdown didn’t go according to plan.

When you are faced with irrational responses your actions become irrational.

When you are repeatedly told ‘we’re just following the rules’ and those rules have kept you away from your loved one for about 8 or 9 months, you question those rules.

When the rules – like so many in this period of our history — ar purporting to be in place to ‘protect’ but yet are causing untold damage to physical and mental health then you start breaking the rules.

Yesterday my 73 year old Mum, pushed into the care home to hug my 97 year old Grandma who has dementia. She then quietly wheeled her out.

My Mum, is a trained nurse and wishes to care for my Nan at home. We only have Power of Attorney for my Nan’s finances. Not for her wellbeing. Before lockdown we could overcome this by visiting my Nan regularly. Now we can’t. My Mum was arrested because she refused to take my Nan back to the care home.

It feels like we are living in the worst Kaftka-esque nightmare. People in masks coming to take your relative away from you.

I find myself for the first time on the wrong side of the law.

I have tried to go through ‘official channels’: written countless letters to MPs, Public Health, the Care Home… I have signed petitions, spoken to social workers, we raised a ‘safe guarding’ concern at the beginning of lockdown due to my Nan’s clear deterioration but this was inexplicably dropped and ‘disappeared’. When she became ill at the care home and was admitted to hospital we asked that she not go back. Yet she was discharged from hospital behind our backs and without our consent.
When your voice feels lost in a labyrinth of bureaucracy, when you are informed by the police that you are not on your relative’s relevant paperwork(!!), when the system is so clearly failing, we have to staand up and reform it.

The police were as kind as they could be, they had a hard job. I thank them for trying their best and de-arresting my Mum so we could go home together.

The issues are with the ‘guidelines’ and with so much fear preventing creative problem solving. Relatives need to be given key-worker status. They need to be allowed into their relative’s private bedroom to visit, feed, and care for their loved ones.

I share this story and these two short videos (the second one I recorded by accident but the audio is clear) to highlight to as many people as possible that sometimes the rules aren’t right. Sometimes the rules need challenging and changing.

It is my hope that if enough of us live from our hearts, act fro our hearts, and speak our truth fearlessly from our hearts, this inhumane situation will come to an end.

Please share.