PORTLAND: Antifa Steps Up Violence — National Guard Called In

Written by Wes Walker on November 5, 2020

Remember folks, these are the sorts of people Kamala was helping to bail out of jail. The folks that Fredo Cuomo and Don LeMON assured us were the ‘good guys’, fighting against tyranny.

Let’s set the tone for this thread by showing just how VERY wrong anyone who claimed these guys were fighting on the side of virtue really are.


How’s that ‘fighting fascism’ narrative playing out for you now?

(H/t to Andy Ngo for this coverage.)

Antifa had a message for Portland on election day.

It was printed in advance and ready to go:

The next time someone says it’s wrong to call the press the ‘enemy of the people’ show them this:

The Press are actively part of the problem there.

These clods are Vanilla ISIS.

While AOC frets about ‘Proudboys’ this is happening in American Cities…

And this…

Portland having its own night of broken windows.

The Governor has FINALLY called for backup.

Not that it will come as much comfort to the people whose businesses they smashed up.

If we had an honest press that wasn’t afraid to hurt a Democrat’s election chances, the Antifa issue would have been part of a REAL national conversation as far back as their violent ‘protests’ ramped up in 2017.