Respected Journalist Raises Key Questions About These Battleground States

Written by Wes Walker on November 5, 2020

Are the Democrats trying to cheat their way through this election? Here’s why he says ‘yes’.

He’d not just pulling this idea out of thin air, either. The questions he is asking are specifically evidence-based.

For instance… where did that huge and lopsided cache of votes suddenly come from?

John Daniel Davidson opens his Federalist piece for the Federalist naming 3 different states, and that he things yes, it appears they are trying to steal the election.

Big claim? For sure. But he has his reasons.

Trump had leads in those states when people called it a night after both candidates had said all there was to be said and it was clear that counting had stalled out.

Then, something strange happened in the dead of the night. In both Michigan and Wisconsin, vote dumps early Wednesday morning showed 100 percent of the votes going for Biden and zero percent—that’s zero, so not even one vote—for Trump.

In Michigan, Biden somehow got 138,339 votes and Trump got none, zero, in an overnight vote-dump.

When my Federalist colleague Sean Davis noted this, Twitter was quick to censor his tweet, even though all he had done was compare two sets of vote totals on the New York Times website. And he wasn’t the only one who noticed—although on Wednesday it appeared that anyone who noted the Biden vote dump in Michigan was getting censored by Twitter.

…It turns out, the vote dump was the result of an alleged typo, an extra zero that had been tacked onto Biden’s vote total in Shiawassee County, Michigan. It seems the error was discovered only because Davis and other Twitter users noted how insane and suspicious the vote totals looked, and demanded an investigation that uncovered what was either a typo or an incredibly clumsy attempt to boost Biden’s vote count.

There was also something suspicious about the vote reporting in Antrim County, Michigan, where Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 30 points in 2016. Initial vote totals there showed Biden ahead of Trump by 29 points, a result that can’t possibly be accurate, as plenty of journalists noted.

Was that a one-off? Not even close.

Then another mysterious all-Biden vote dump happened in Wisconsin. Biden miraculously overcame a 4.1-point Trump lead in the middle of the night thanks to vote dumps in which he got—you guessed it—100 percent of the votes and Trump got zero.

In Pennsylvania, the Democratic scheme to steal the election is a bit different. Rather than vote dumps that impossibly go 100 percent to Biden, Pennsylvania is relying on the Democratic Secretary of State’s plan to count indisputably late mail-in ballots as though they were received on Election Day—even if they have no postmark.

This plan was of course rubber-stamped by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which cited the need for “equitable relief” to address mail delays amid the pandemic.

Note that this isn’t just about ballots that come in after Election Day, but about ballots that come in after Election Day that don’t even have a postmark—that is, there is no way to tell when the ballots were mailed, or from where.

With both sides staking out their ground, and hundreds or thousands of lawyers in play, it’s hard to imagine this story resolving without a bitter court battle.

It’s amazing, from here in the cheap seats to see how incurious the supposed media are about any story that might damage the left’s chance to regain political power and how hyper-vigilant they are about the most trivial of accusations against the President who stands opposed to them.

Imagine an alternate timeline for a moment in which credible allegations of Republican election-rigging were found to have put Trump in the lead against Biden. Would Democrats and the Tech censors stand silent?

Or would they demand answers, and scream their objections from every rooftop?

It makes one wonder — which is it they are genuinely committed to?

Defending Democracy?

Or defending Democrats?

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