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RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Barista, Fired For NOT Wearing Political Message, Sues Starbucks

Let’s see if the media who defended the NFL players’ right to kneel during the anthem while in uniform at a televised game will similarly defend this barista’s right to disagree with a corporate message.

With considerable help from a complicit media, the NFL eventually buckled to demands of a few agitator players that they be permitted to kneel during the national anthem as a sign of protest against a country they believed pretty much sucked.

Anyone who agreed with our side of the argument saying political statements should be made on your private platform and your own dime, rather than a corporate platform you didn’t build, and on the company’s dime was met with a form-letter answer. An employee doesn’t give up his first amendment. He’s an employee, not a slave.

That misses the point, but it gives us a good reference point for this story about corporate demands to wear a political message that offends one’s private beliefs.

Making someone wear a message they disagree with is the same as compelling speech they don’t believe. That’s far more intrusive than telling employees to act professional and hold getting on a soapbox with your personal opinions until after business hours.

Betsy Fresse, from Newark, who started at the Glen Ridge store in 2019, claimed she was wrongfully dismissed for refusing to wear an official Starbucks Pride T-shirt.

Ms Fresse, who started at the company in 2015, was invited to a meeting with her co-workers and manager in June last year where she spotted the box of Pride T-shirts.

In the lawsuit, which was filed last week by the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, Ms Fresse allegedly asked her manager if she would be required to wear one but was told she would not.

The barista claimed she was contacted weeks later by the Starbucks’ ethics and compliance helpline concerning her request to not wear a Pride T-shirt.

She told the representative that she did not want to wear the T-shirt ‘because her religious beliefs prevented her from doing so’, in the lawsuit according to NBC.

Ms Fresse was notified on August 22 2019 that she had been dismissed because ‘her comportment was not in compliance with Starbucks’ core values’. –DailyMail

The lawsuit got a green light from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after lodging an official complaint.

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