Hey Mattis: Why Didn’t You Mention Your China Connection While Denouncing America First?

Written by Wes Walker on November 27, 2020

Was Mattis’ criticism of President Trump coming from his deep patriotism? Or was he upset that Trump was hurting the DC gravy train?

As ClashDaily reported in a recent story where Pompeo pushed back at Mattis for being ‘dead wrong’ on the op-ed he co-wrote, criticizing the America First policy as being, ultimately, ‘America Alone’ — while supplying chapter and verse to back that up.

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But there’s something else fishy about that op-ed that came to the attention of the press.

How is it he didn’t mention his lobbyist connections?

In an online column denouncing President Trump’s “America First” policy that includes measures regarding Beijing, ex-Defense Secretary James Mattis did not disclose his affiliation with an organization that fosters international business deals with communist China.

As coauthor with three other writers in a Nov. 23 Foreign Affairs column, Mattis did not mention that he works for the [sic] The Cohen Group consulting firm. Nor did he challenge China’s tough talk against U.S. policies regarding Taiwan, nor the strict economic retaliation Beijing levied against Australia.

His op-ed denounced Trump in terms that made it sound like he was concerned that the President was not working in the American national interest. But was that his REAL concern?

Was Mattis GENUINELY concerned about American interests in throwing America First under the bus? Or has he sold out to another interest?

In 2019, Mattis linked up with the Cohen Group.

Are you familiar with their work? Can you guess what the Cohen Group’s role is?

Had he filled in that detail, we might have seen his criticism of Trump in a slightly different light.

“China is a market of enormous opportunity and complexity,” the group states on its website, adding that the group’s China Practice “has a solid record of success with professionals in offices in Beijing, Tianjin and Washington, DC.”

The Cohen Group is run by another former Defense Secretary. William Cohen, who has been involved with China since 1978, when he went there to meet with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, according to the organization.

“Since then, he has been a constant presence in the U.S.-China relationship, including commercial development and security cooperation,” the organization states, noting that Cohen serves on the Board of Directors of the U.S.-China Business Council.

Mattis joined The Cohen Group in 2019 as a senior counselor.

Former military execs working to build ties with China.

Despite the fact that China is openly hostile to many American interests, including a long history of stealing corporate and military secrets, and siphoning off American jobs and supply chains. Supply chains whose vulnerabilities were very much exposed over since everything hit the fan in February of 2020.

We’re not really interested about whether you wore that uniform ‘once upon a time’, Mattis.

We’re more interested in where your loyalties lie NOW…

Do you care about the citizens of the country you pledged to defend?

Or have you been corrupted to the point you are willing to throw them to the wolves now that a hostile Communist regime is offering a chance to fatten your wallet?

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