Surprised By Election Court Challenges? Senate Judiciary Warned Of Real Issues

Written by Wes Walker on November 9, 2020

Senate Judiciary released a report ominously titled: ‘How Democrats Are Attempting To Sow Uncertainty, Inaccuracy, And Delay In The 2020 Election’. Their predictions are coming to life.

This report was dated September 23 of this year. There were real concerns about changes the Democrats were making to the established voting system.

We have only to look at this year’s SNAFUs to realize how correct their assessment was.

The Report itself is some 29 pages long, but there is a brief summary in the first three pages of text.

Follow the link for the full report, but here is a recap of their key points.

1) Democrats were actively trying to manipulate and change state election laws in the direction of looser standards, less oversight, and greater room for political mischief. These changes were not to benefit the citizen, so much as advantage their party’s political chances. Associated delays and uncertainty “could be sowing the seeds for an unprecedented Constitutional crisis”.

2) Belated change to all mail-in voting provides for 44 Million ballots mailed out with no confidence that the intended recipient gets it. “This expansive and late shift to all mail voting will create conditions ripe for election crime, errors, innacuracy, and delay.

3) It is estimated that in 378 counties, voter registration exceed 100 of eligible populations in the US, and both the news and the bipartan commission of Federal Election Reform stated the mail-in system was vulnerable to fraud.

4) Ballot-harvesting. A practice described as the Democrats Weaponizing of mail-in voting.

5) “All-mail voting around the country in 2020 will only exacerbate confusion, distrust, inaccuracy, and delay with the election results.”

(Any of this sounding familiar yet?)

We’re not finished yet…

Dems have sought to DIMINISH SAFEGUARDS surrounding mail-in electoral process at the last minute.

  • Wisconsin: Dems filed lawsuit to extend deadline for primary, was upheld by Dem-appointed judge until SCOTUS overturned it
  • PA: you already know about the extended time for mail-in ballots, and the mess surrounding that. This will likely find it’s way back before SCOTUS
  • Florida / Georgia: push for pre-paid envelopes that are not usually post-marked, throwing validity of ballots into doubt.
  • Nevada: Dems passed law to expand ballot harvesting, third party involvement
  • Minnesota and other states: Democrats pushing for elimination of witness and notary requirements for mail-in ballots.
  • Minnesota, Wisconsin, others: Dems push to extend deadlines for count, creating uncertainty, etc.

The following is directly quoted:

“The best and surest guarantee of electoral integrity is for Americans to vote in person where safe and possible, with absentee ballots available for those who legitimately cannot make it to the polls. If states can allow violent left-wing extremists to riot and loot in person, then they should allow peaceful Americans to exercise their right to vote in person.

If Speaker Pelosi can visit a hair salon without a mask in San Francisco, then Americans in North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania can visit their local polling places. The Democrats’ last-minute changes to voting laws and processes only serve to increase the risk of election crime, and administration errors, undermine the integrity of our electoral process, and inject chaos into our elections.

And did you happen to notice which States the Senate Committee kept mentioning by name? We’re seeing that same set of names somewhere, aren’t we?