Thanks, President Trump! Pfizer And BioNtech Announce Great News In COVID-19 Vaccine

Written by K. Walker on November 9, 2020

Just as President Trump had promised, a coronavirus vaccine is just on the horizon.

On Monday morning, Pfizer and BioNtech made the announcement that their large-scale trials were more effective than anticipated.

Medical experts had cautioned that a vaccine might only be 60% to 70% effective, but early analysis shows that the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine is more than 90% effective in symptomatic COVID-19 cases.

The vaccine is the first to be tested in the United States to generate late-stage data. The companies said an early analysis of the results showed that individuals who received two injections of the vaccine three weeks apart experienced more than 90% fewer cases of symptomatic Covid-19 than those who received a placebo. For months, researchers have cautioned that a vaccine that might only be 60% or 70% effective.

The Phase 3 study is ongoing and additional data could affect results.

In keeping with guidance from the Food and Drug Administration, the companies will not file for an emergency use authorization to distribute the vaccine until they reach another milestone: when half of the patients in their study have been observed for any safety issues for at least two months following their second dose. Pfizer expects to cross that threshold in the third week of November.

“I’ve been in vaccine development for 35 years,” William Gruber, Pfizer’s senior vice president of vaccine clinical research and development, told STAT. “I’ve seen some really good things. This is extraordinary.” He later added: “This really bodes well for us being able to get a handle on the epidemic and get us out of this situation.”

Incredible news!

Stock futures soared at the news.

Let’s be clear, it was Operation Warp Speed put in place by the Trump administration that made this happen, no matter what the anti-Trump “fact-checkers” in the Media (D) tell you.

Here’s CNN’s “fact-checker” suggesting that it wasn’t the Trump administration’s COVID strategy that worked here.

Spoiler alert: CNN guy was wrong.

So, let’s remember who it was that made this happen — President Donald J. Trump.

Although there is only a few months of data from the study, the results from earlier studies indicate that immunity from the vaccine will not wane rapidly.

The study has enrolled  43,538 volunteers the companies said, and 38,955 have received their second dose. About 42% of global participants and 30% of U.S. participants have racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Bourla, Pfizer’s CEO, said the results mark “a great day for science and humanity,” in a statement, saying they provide “initial evidence of our vaccine’s ability to prevent Covid-19.” He added: “We look forward to sharing additional efficacy and safety data generated from thousands of participants in the coming weeks.”

Source: Stat News

But… oh, look! It appears that while the Media (D) was mocking Trump for saying that a vaccine was coming, the results were known in late October but was just announced now… why could that be, do you think?

But hey… “TrUsT tHe ExPeRtS!”

It’s not like they’d politicize The Science™ or hold back a vaccine, right?

Speaking of politicizing the vaccine… when will it be available? Do we have to wait until after Inauguration, or what?

Pfizer and BioNtech say that up to 50 million doses will be available by the end of 2020, and another 1.3 billion in 2021.

The question is, now that there appears to be a vaccine that can be widely distributed, what is Joe Biden’s actual agenda? All he ran on was fear-mongering and bashing the President for how he handled the pandemic. And remember, Kamala Harris went full-on anti-vaxxer when there was the possibility of a vaccine under the Trump administration.

How much do you want to bet they both flip on this now that the election has already happened?

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