THIS IS CNN: Christiane Amanpour Compares Trump’s 4 Years As President To Nazi Germany (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on November 14, 2020

If CNN was trying to debunk Trump’s claim that “Fake News” is the enemy of the people… this isn’t the best way to do it.

Christiane Amanpour, who is (allegedly) a journalist, decided to compare the Trump administration to Nazi Germany.

That’s how you know that she’s a Serious Journalist™ — she trivialized the Holocaust and the genocide of millions of Jews just to bash a President. The man that is supported by more than 70 million Americans.

From beginning to end her comparison is incomprehensibly stupid.

Amanpour starts by talking about Kristallnacht, the night that Jews and their property were targeted by German Nazis in 1938. She calls this the Nazi’s “warning shot across the bow of our human civilization which led to the genocide of a whole identity,” adding that the “tower of burning books” led to “an attack on facts, knowledge, history, and truth.”

Amanpour then said that the last four years were a “modern-day assault on those same values by Donald Trump” before segueing into how it’s so wonderful that with a Biden-Harris team there will be a “return to norms.”

The great Andrew Klavan, (of whom I am a big fan,) plays on this particular reporter’s name and refers to her as “Christiane I’m-A-Poor-Journalist.” Spot on.

So much fact-checking in such a short piece of video.

Let’s start at the beginning…

  1. Kristallnacht was a wake-up call for the rest of the world who hadn’t seen the steady rolling back of rights of Jews in Germany under Hitler almost from the moment he became Chancellor in 1933.
  2. The Jewish people are not an “identity.” That’s pretty insulting if you ask me. They are both an ethnic and a religious group with some large overlap and some exceptions.
  3. How is it that it is Donald Trump that Amanpour claims is behind the “attack on facts, knowledge, history, and truth”? Democrats have literally been saying “not my President” for 4 entire years, which is delusional.
  4. Biden and Harris are a “return to norms”? Yes. And that’s precisely the problem. The only real accomplishment that Joe Biden can honestly and reasonably claim is his title as the Poster Boy for Mediocrity. He’s a deeply unimpressive person who lies constantly, is a gaffe machine, was almost a non-entity in the Senate, allowed the disgusting smears of Clarence Thomas to be pushed for political reasons, and is a smarmy, glad-handing politician who could’ve made a reasonable living as a duplicitous used car salesman. But he was there for a looooong time and that helped him cinch the spot as Obama’s Veep, which he then parlayed (with the behind-the-scenes work by Barry) to boost him to the top of the Democratic ticket, despite allegations of corruption with his family. It wasn’t the Biden name that won him the nom, it was the Obama name.
  5. This brings me to Kamala Harris, his viciously ambitious running-mate who has shivved him during the Democrat primaries by implying that he was racist for working with Democrat segregationists and opposing bussing. Kamala also began her career by sleeping with high-profile California Democrat, Willie Brown, who was double her age and married. He then gave her some plum appointments that helped launch her political career.

Apparently, a “return to norms” means a known liar and plagiarist is a return to “facts, knowledge, history, and truth,” glomming onto the Obama name, embracing identity politics, kissing up to China, Iran, leftist globalists, and the Palestinian leadership, and screw America and, apparently, peace in the Middle East.

Trump has dialed back our military engagement in the Middle East which was almost antithetical to the Obama administration. We’ll likely find ourselves entangled in another pointless conflict if Biden does ascend to the Presidency.

A Biden administration is a return to the Swamp and those norms that really needed to be broken — say the polite things and then act duplicitously and have the Media (D) run cover because they like your politics.

Which seems more fascistic to you — the media being 90+ percent critical of the President or 90+ percent fawning and asking hard-hitting questions amid the Hunter Biden laptop scandal like what flavor ice cream did he get?

How progressive and completely unAmerican.

Leave it to a “journalist” to advocate for that.

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