THIS IS CNN: ‘Professional’ Anderson Cooper Gets Deeply Personal In His Mocking Of Trump

Written by Wes Walker on November 6, 2020

Why do we loathe CNN? Because they have been on a decades-long campaign to force-feed us their political ideology whether we agree with it or not.

CNN (and the other big-media media gate-keepers) are willfully blind to any wrongdoing of anyone with a (D) after their name while flogging for years completely baseless stories about Trump being Putin’s stooge, or that he praised Nazis as ‘very fine people’ (the condemnation of whom they could read in their very own transcripts).

They have an agenda.

The Democrats are the vehicle to that agenda.

Anything harmful to Democrats must be suppressed. (Whether true or not.)

Anything harmful to Republicans must be amplified. (Whether true or not.)

This is their business model. It has been for years. Project Veritas has long since ‘outed’ them for it.

And now players on the chessboard have worked together to push elections to where the numbers are so staggeringly improbable (and steep deficits have been overcome with shockingly precise efficiency)

Anderson Cooper isn’t even trying to hide the schaudenfruede he is delighting in as he openly mocks what he obviously considers Trump’s inevitable demise.

What elected Democrat would Cooper ever dream of applying these aggressively personal insults to, whether delivered as a metaphor or not? He claims Trump’s complaints are ‘without any evidence’ while dismissing explicit evidence of Constitutional requirements for electoral transparency being intentionally violated.

If Republicans keep the Senate (unless those votes get corrupted, too), they should look into whether the FEC / FCC could or should have exercised oversight of news coverage that has amounted to in-kind donations to a single party. The criticism of what the President actually did or promised is obviously fair game for any reporter.

But their complicity in pushing the ‘very fine people’ hoax and claims of backing nazis when their own transcripts disprove their claim is indefensible — especially when their claim to be fact-checking the election is the explicit excuse for their ‘straight-news reporters’ editorializing during the President’s speeches.

It takes irony to almost old-school SNL levels for CNN to present itself as ‘straight news’ — when so many of their anchors are neither ‘straight’ NOR ‘news’.

At least seven television networks including ABC, CBS and NBC, cut away from Trump’s White House address Thursday evening after he called the entire race into question, claiming it was rigged against him from start to finish by a vast conspiracy. –DailyMail

Unlike the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Hillary had invoked back in the day, this ‘conspiracy’ has left a rather long trail of breadcrumbs to follow.

They have called themselves the ‘Resistance’ from day one. The media plays its role dutifully. Various ‘sources’ within the government have periodically played the role of saboteur. Government officials who are Constitutionally supposed to serve the public by carrying out the policies of the duly-elected President have taken pride in working against him. Law enforcement officials have shown themselves corrupt. The FBI, CIA, and IRS have been weaponized against political rivals. This has been documented.

Cities are burning and Democrat officials caught are on tape saying they will do whatever it takes including (in their own words) lying, cheating, or stealing, to put this election in the blue column. Other Democrat organizers are on record saying they will start chucking bricks if they don’t get their political will.

But we’re supposed to ignore all of that as inconsequential. Mere irrelevant data points.

No. We are expected to agree with Cooper that the only possible explanation for Trump reacting the way that he has been is because he is a child who has had his toy taken away.

Democracy, the slogan goes, dies in darkness.

The ‘mainstream media’ has elected to become the cover of darkness under which the continued existence of the body politic as we know it can be threatened.

What a different position we would find ourselves in now if they reacted to these irregularities the way the outrage they might produce if they favored someone with an (R) after their name.

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